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Science, Social Studies Library Introduces Assessment Tool

Source: Kids Discover Online.

An online library of science and social studies curricula has added assessment tools for teachers to evaluate student comprehension. The dynamic Assessment feature makes it easy for teachers to build, distribute, assess and track customizable quizzes, tests and homework, all within the Kids Discover Online library.

According to the Kids Discover website, the new feature includes more than 5,000 pre-made questions that cover more than 1,200 science and social studies topics. Individual topics have between three to five questions each, with a variety of short answer, multiple choice and true or false questions. If none of the pre-written questions work, then teachers can create their own quiz questions and save them to a personal question bank for later reference. Additionally, the feature provides teachers the option to lock or unlock content while a student takes a quiz.

The assessment feature also comes with analytic tools that can measure how students respond to certain questions. If the majority of students answered that same question incorrectly, for example, the teacher can work on that particular topic more in class. The analytics are displayed in easy-to-read graphs and charts.

Lastly, the assessments feature includes a gradebook that keeps track of individual student performance.

To learn more about the assessment tool, visit the Kids Discover Online site.

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