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Study.com Launches New Resources to Help Students with ADHD

Study.com has launched a series of articles and teaching resources designed to address the learning challenges associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The 15 articles and 53 lessons have been released in conjunction with ADHD Awareness Month and include parent and teacher strategies to support students in school and at home.

The parenting articles cover a wide range of topics including: homeschooling, mindfulness training, medication, individualized education plans (IEP) or 504 plans, working with teachers, picking the best school and homework assistance.

Lessons for teaching ADHD students include: characteristics and effects of ADHD, treatments and interventions for learners, classroom adjustments and instructional techniques.

“Over 6.4 million students with ADHD are struggling with the traditional classroom setting,” said Adrian Ridner, CEO and cofounder of Study.com, in a statement. “Parents, teachers and technology must all work together to accommodate the special needs of these students. By making modifications to classroom interactions and seeking alternatives better suited to their learning style[s], we can help these students succeed.”

Video lessons are designed to engage students on a visual and auditory level, as well as help them stay engrossed to better retain information.

Study.com’s online video lessons are fashioned to be short, visually engaging and self-paced so that the student is in control of the pace of his/her learning. Created by expert teachers and skilled video animators, the videos explain complex topics in five minutes or less, making the lessons well suited for easily distracted students. Subscribers get access to a library of more than 35,000 video lessons that cover topics across all major K–12 subjects, as well as study tools and quizzes to provide quick feedback on concept mastery.

Study.com has posted several free ADHD parenting articles on its website, as well as teaching strategies and resources.

To learn more about Study.com, go to the company’s site.

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