English on the Go Debuts Chat Bot for English Language Learners

English on the Go has launched LingoBot, a new tool designed to help English language learners practice speaking English.

Inspired by virtual assistant technology, "English On The Go allows users to chat with the LingoBot, which has 20 different bots in the bot market. Each bot has 20 to 50 questions related to a specific theme such as gas station, traffic accidents, finding locations" and more, according to a news release. "The English expressions pre-loaded on the bots are smartly selected after studying more than 4,000 movie and drama transcripts and texts written in English."

The more the chat bots are used, the better their questions and answers will become, according to information released by the company.

The company is developing additional bots in partnership with language schools and plans to release a LingoBot developer kit with the hope that as many as 3,000 language bots will be available by 2017.

About the Author

Joshua Bolkan is contributing editor for Campus Technology, THE Journal and STEAM Universe. He can be reached at [email protected].