Maker Movement

Nation of Makers Receives Support from 300 Organizations

A newly launched coalition dedicated to the grassroots maker education movement in the United States aims to support the full range of organizations that impact makers, helping them to maximize their local and global impact.

Nation of Makers wants to serve and represent “the full variety of spaces, events and institutions serving makers, including nonprofit organizations, museums, libraries, science centers, educational institutions, foundations and for-profit companies,” according the website. It plans to accomplish this by encouraging connections, sharing best practices, facilitating funding opportunities, participating in policy development and more.

The nonprofit organization has already received 300 letters of support from “hackerspaces, makerspaces, companies, libraries, local government and economic development agencies across the U.S. who have already experienced the positive impact of the maker movement locally, and are committed to continuing to foster the growth and inclusivity of the maker community,” according to an announcement on Tested from Adam Savage, co-host of the MythBusters television show and a Nation of Makers board member.

For more information, watch the video announcement from Savage below.

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