Digital Learning Day is Feb. 23. Here's How to Celebrate


Digital technology is helping educators re-conceive teaching and learning in new and intriguing ways, and schools around the world are experiencing a transformation with tech’s use in the classroom.

The annual Digital Learning Day, started in 2012, gives educators an opportunity to collaborate with peers, share ideas, try out new digital tools, celebrate education innovation and play a role in the transformation of their own schools and communities.

Digital Learning Day 2017 is Thursday, Feb. 23. Here are some resources and ideas for celebrating the day:

  • The official website offers information on getting started, insight from previous Digital Learning Days and an opportunity to register and watch the Digital Learning Day Webinar on the day of the event.
  • Once you’ve decided on what you’re doing, you can register your event and add it to the app showing all the places around the world participating in Digital Learning Day.
  • Resources are available. Digital Learning Day has partnered with Participate (formerly Participate Learning) this year to promote its free collection and collaboration platform that lets teachers find, collect and share digital resources. You can also search a list of online resources here.
  • You can view several short videos produced by educators sharing ideas on fun interactive lessons to implement with their suggested digital tools.
  • Join in on social media. Check out @OfficialDLDay on Twitter and @DigitalLearningDay on Facebook for updates and more ideas as the day gets closer, and tag them in any messages using these handles, along with #DLDay. You can find graphics to use in your messages here.
  • The organization Participate has set up a page to collect all the conversations occurring on social media and the web regarding #DLDay. To date, 23 resources have been collected and more than 50 participants are involved. Visit the page here

For more information on Digital Learning Day, check out the event website.

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