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Interactive Tool Highlights State’s Personalized Learning Plans

Image Credit: KnowledgeWorks.

Ahead of the first deadline in April, states have begun to release their draft plans for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). National organization KnowledgeWorks has launched an online, interactive resource on statewide strategies to advance personalized learning under ESSA.  

A “Nationwide Look at State Strategies to Advance Personalized Learning” offers a comprehensive look at some of the ideas that states are considering as they try to advance personalized learning ideas in one or more of the following categories: Vision, Long-term Goals, Accountability, Assessments, Support/Improvement for Schools, Supporting Excellent Educators, Supporting All Students.

According to KnowledgeWorks, the resource serves to:

  • Highlight state’s leadership in creating high-quality education systems that offer innovative and flexible learning opportunities;
  • Help stakeholders identify and better understand the benefits of using varied approaches to personalized learning; and
  • Open the door to conversation and collaboration among stakeholders across states.

For example, Connecticut plans to develop an online platform that will “serve as a single repository for Title grant applications and school improvement resources,” according to KnowledgeWorks. “The platform will have needs assessments, school and LEA plans, grant applications, CSDE review and approvals, and a library of evidence-based resources.”

To support educators in Illinois, the Illinois State Board of Education proposed using a data system called Illinois Data FIRST, which will help “connect resource allocation information to student outcomes and educator information.” The system has a high-quality educator dashboard suite – offering district, school, teacher and student-level details as well – “to support data informed administrative and instructional decisions.”

Washington plans to support all students by using Title IV-A funds, in addition to state and other federal funds, to expand CTE and STEM courses and opportunities

To see what other states are planning to do advance personalized learning, visit the KnowledgeWorks site.

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