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Prodigy Releases Free ‘Big Resource of Math Word Problems’

Prodigy, a mathematics gaming company, recently made 120 examples of math word problems for students in grades 1-8 available to teachers at no cost.

Approximately 16 million students, teachers and parents play Prodigy, a free, web- and app-based fantasy game that uses battles, pets and spells to teach elementary and middle school students math skills. It centers around the user, a wizard who is tasked with helping villagers in the game fend off mosters by solving math problems.

About half a million teachers have tapped the game’s adaptive learning platform as an engagement, assessment, feedback and differentiation tool, according to information from the company. They can assign hundreds of curriculum-aligned math questions to students in the platform and access reports after class to see all of the skills their students went over that day. In addition, teachers can set up assignments and summative assessments within the game.

The new set of curriculum-aligned word problems are an additional resource for math teachers to utilize to boost student engagement. All of the word problems are short, to the point and linked to student interests. If a class enjoys watching sports, for example, the teacher can choose a comparing and sequencing word problem that compares basketballs to footballs, and other sports-focused word problems.

The resource covers:

  • Addition;
  • Subtraction;
  • Multiplication;
  • Division;
  • Mixed operations;
  • Ordering and number sense;
  • Fractions;
  • Decimals;
  • Comparing and sequencing;
  • Time and money;
  • Physical measurement;
  • Ratios and percentages;
  • Probability and data relationships;
  • Geometry; and
  • Variables.

View the “Big Resource of Math Word Problems” on the Prodigy blog.

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