Google, Mystery Science Team to Bring Eclipse Science to Students

solar eclipse 2017 

Google is partnering with elementary science curriculum provider Mystery Science on an initiative to help students get the most out of the solar eclipse later this month.

Google has provided Mystery Science with 15,000 eclipse glasses headed directly for schools, and Mystery Science is offering videos and lesson plans free for download via Resources on the site include:

  • Explanation videos designed to help students understand, in plain language, what causes the eclipse;
  • An eclipse time tracker that allows users to input their city to see exactly what time the eclipse will be visible in their specific location; and
  • A ready-to-use lesson plan focused on the event.

"Going to the moon, exploring the surface of mars or seeing a total solar eclipse across the United States for the first time in a century are amazing moments that can inspire a whole new generation of explorers and scientists," said Calvin Johnson, program manager at Google for the Eclipse Megamovie project, in a prepared statement. "Our collaboration with Mystery Science ensures that educators have the resources needed to drive and encourage the curiosity of students and push our understanding of the universe to another level."

Visible in North America from Oregon to South Carolina on August 21, the eclipse will be the first total solar eclipse visible in the United States in nearly 100 years and will be the last one until 2045.

"Those who have been fortunate enough to experience a total solar eclipse usually describe it as a 'moment of awe'," said Keith Schacht, co-founder and CEO of Mystery Science, in a news release. "The next Marie Curie or Albert Einstein is somewhere out there right now. Experiencing this eclipse might be a singular event that inspires a lifetime of curiosity."

Teachers who are interested in receiving free eclipse glasses can request them at

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