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AI Research to Focus on Academic and Social-Emotional Growth

The University of Montreal and Classcraft are teaming up to research how artificial intelligence plays a role in the classroom setting.

With more teachers experiment on how to use artificial intelligence to enhance the learning experience, University of Montreal professor Thierry Karsenti is working with Classcraft to study how artificial intelligence learning experiences can impact student outcomes. Classcraft’s focus is helping educators drive student engagement through the use of video games that blend students’ psychical and virtual learning.

The research conducted by Karsenti and Classcraft will seek to determine how students respond to the use of AI when it comes to their academic growth and social emotional learning opportunities. The team also wants to determine best practices for the responsible application of AI when it comes to equity, student privacy and strengthening the capabilities for teachers to personal student learning experiences.

“Very few projects related to education and artificial intelligence have been conducted and definitely not enough in elementary and high schools,” said Karsenti, who is the university’s Canada research chair on information on communication technologies. “This research could help teachers, principals, and even parents by providing them with consistent educational recommendations that can positively impact students’ academic motivation and even increase their success at school.”

More information about Classcraft can be found here.

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