Virtual Reality & Distance Learning

New VR System Previewed for Ed

New VR System Previewed for Ed 

A holding company with a focus on virtual reality and augmented reality is promoting a new VR solution for virtual classrooms. The Glimpse Group has filed for a patent on its technology and is now working to secure partnerships with colleges and universities that want to try out the system.

"Project Chimera," as it's called, allows remote students to sit in on classes in real time, watching live streams of lectures and interacting with each other, as well as the teacher and the on-site students. A video made at Fordham University shows a student donning a VR headset and joining a class, interacting with other virtual students and getting the attention of the teacher to ask questions.

The Glimpse Group serves as a holding company for a diverse group of VR and AR start-ups, including services for virtualizing brands for marketing, allowing financial services users to interact with their data and helping customers use AR to order food from a menu.