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Amazon Introduces Alexa Education Skill API

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Amazon wants to give developers the ability to integrate Alexa skills into their education technology services. The Alexa Education Skill API enables students 13 and older to ask Alexa questions about their homework assignments and allows parents to check in with teachers about their child's grades and behaviors in school using Alexa devices.

Developers will be able to incorporate Alexa skills into their learning management systems, student information systems, classroom management tools and massively open online course platforms. Students and parents will be able to retrieve information from multiple skills at the same time by only making one request.  

Through the API, Amazon is creating a voice model for common education requests, which gives developers more time to spend on specializing voice design. Kickboard, ParentSquare, Coursera, Canvas and Blackboard are currently working with Amazon to develop Alexa skills.

Each of the skills are focusing on a use case:

  • Kickboard's skill gives parents the ability to receive school communications about their child’s behavior in school.
  • ParentSquare's skill enables parents to get school messages, posts and updates with Alexa to help parents stay connected to school.
  • Coursera's skill allows students over 13 to stay updated on their coursework and check their progress for any courses they are enrolled in on the Coursera platform.
  • Canvas is improving their skill to enable customers to ask for updates on assignments and school communications for parents and students over 13.
  • Blackboard is developing a skill that includes upcoming assignments for parents and students over 13.

The Alexa Education Skill API will be available in preview by invitation only for the following interfaces:

  • Alexa.Education.Profile.Student
  • Alexa.Education.Course
  • Alexa.Education.Coursework
  • Alexa.Education.School.Communication
  • Alexa.Education.Grade.Course (coming soon)
  • Alexa.Education.Grade.Coursework (coming soon)

Developers can sign up for more information about the Alexa Education Skills API here.

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