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Grant to Fund Ed Tech Implementation Sharing Prototype

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The Jefferson Education Exchange is working with LearnPlatform to develop a platform where teachers can share information on how they are using education technology products in their classrooms.  The prototype, which is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, will provide educators with a way to get evaluations on different solutions from their peers.

The project will create a mechanism where teachers can provide data on their experiences with implementing education technology products.  Teachers will also be able to get customized reports from prior teachers on the best ways to ensure success with technology integrations into their classrooms.

LearnPlatform's current offerings aim to help educators manage all of their purchased education technology solutions in one system. Administrators can use the ed tech effectiveness solution to organize, streamline and analyze the impact of the technology that they use and find ways to make more informed instructional, operational and financial decisions.

In the pilot, 160 teachers will test out the prototype and reports will be categorized by the characteristics of individual teachers and implementation contexts. Researchers will then determine if the data provided can be used by other teachers in practice.  

The Jefferson Education Exchange is a nonprofit organization working to bring together educators across the United States to determine the best ways to share their technology experiences with their peers. More information on the organization's work can be found here.

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