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Largest Online Learning Consortium in PA to Use StrongMind for Digital Curriculum

The largest K–12 online learning consortium in Pennsylvania, the Capital Area Online Learning Association, has selected StrongMind to provide standards-aligned digital curriculum for the 10,000-plus students enrolled with CAOLA, StrongMind said in a news release.

Students enrolled with CAOLA have greater flexibility in their coursework, class load, and schedule, and can attend classes solely online or in-person at a local school; students attending school through CAOLA are considered “enrolled” in their local school district and may participate in sports and other school-sponsored extracurricular activities, according to the association’s website.

StrongMind will now provide digital curriculum for CAOLA students, including STEM-focused courses and options for high-schoolers to earn tech-industry certifications before graduation, StrongMind said. Its courses are Digital Promise-certified, and the StrongMind platform includes full reporting that tracks student progress, with data-insights dashboards customized for each stakeholder group: administrators, teachers, parents, and students, the company said.

CAOLA-participating schools offering StrongMind courses will have the option to use their own teachers, Strongmind teachers, or a combination, according to the news release.

Learn more on StrongMind’s website and on the CAOLA website.

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