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SchoolMint Launches Mental Wellness Support App for U.S. K–12 Educators

Strategic enrollment management provider SchoolMint is launching a new mental wellness app specifically for K–12 educators, the company announced this week, as teacher burnout soars and more teachers than not are likely to leave the profession sooner than planned.

SchoolMint Thrive was created in partnership with Canadian digital mental wellness provider Starling Minds and relies heavily on Starling Minds’ content, according to a news release.

SchoolMint Thrive offers self-guided exercises, skills and strategies for managing stress, anxiety, and burnout, the company said; the platform’s underlying research-based methodology is grounded in the principles and practice of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is specifically “for educators struggling with mild to moderate symptoms of stress, anxiety, burnout or depression,” the website states.

SchoolMint Thrive aims to mimic the success Starling Minds has reportedly experienced in Canada, where it has provided self-help “mental fitness resources” for educators for the last decade. SchoolMint Thrive “personalizes and tailors support by integrating educator-specific content, real-life stories, situations, examples, and community polls and forums that educators can interact with and ultimately create stronger, more genuine connections and engagement,” the company said in its announcement. SchoolMint Thrive does not offer access to virtual counseling or live mental health providers.

“SchoolMint ... wanted to help address the burnout crisis that has dramatically intensified by offering an online tool that teachers could use whenever and wherever they desired,” said Bryan MacDonald, SchoolMint’s CEO.

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