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RedCritter Launches CritterCoin, First K-12 Rewards System to Leverage NFTs

Digital achievements-and-rewards system RedCritter has launched a new platform called CritterCoin where schools can build their own free system to implement Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports with points, rewards in the form of digital coins and non-fungible tokens, and a school-specific rewards store.

Basic access to the platform is free for students and teachers, the company said in a news release. Schools can design their own digital coins or use the platform’s templates. Educators who sign up for CritterCoin will be guided through sorting students into Houses and then identifying the behaviors they want to reward within each House, the company said.

“Schools then design their own digital coins and teachers award them in real time when students demonstrate positive behaviors,” the company said in its announcement. “Each new coin a student earns contributes to their Reward Store balance as well as their House's score. Students in the top-scoring House are awarded collectible digital Critters, which can then be converted to NFTs on the Avalanche blockchain.”

CritterCoin NFTs — digital artworks of animals — automatically created and distributed by the platform to students; the intended goal for students is to earn full sets of each type of animal (or trade with classmates) to complete their collections, CritterCoin said.

The platform’s website integrates with ClassLink for easy rostering when a teacher or school signs up, CritterCoin said. “There is no catch and we don’t sell, give out any data, or allow any third parties to advertise,” the website said. The only data it stores is whatever educators enter.

Several premium subscriptions are available with the following features:

  • Data insights to analyze how CritterCoins are distributed, compare competition rounds to one another, and track utilization data;
  • A public digital scoreboard to keep teamwork and positive behaviors on students’ minds;
  • Parent access, which allows student guardians to view their students' achievements and even award coins at home; and
  • Scannables, which allow teachers to easily create QR codes that students can scan in order to receive coins.

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