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Autodesk Education Launches Free CAD, CAM Resources for Educators Using Fusion 360

Secondary educators who use Autodesk Education’s Fusion 360 software can step up student engagement and excitement this fall by incorporating the company’s new free CAD and CAM resource center into classroom instruction, the company said in a recent news announcement.

The educator resource center now includes learning content and exam preparation for industry certifications, training for in-demand skills, and ready-to-use toolkits for engaging classroom contests, while students learn and put into practice hands-on STEM skills, Autodesk said.

The Fusion 360 software uses a fully integrated CAD/CAM/CAE platform in a wide range of skill levels, enabling educators to teach skills for careers in mechanical engineering, construction, and manufacturing. It “enables an environment of teamwork through its cloud collaboration features and streamlined workflows,” the company noted.

Fusion360 can be used as a separately software or accessed via browser, and it is free for eligible K–12 educators and schools.

Learn more at the CAD/CAM educator resource center or visit Autodesk’s education software page.

About the Author

Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.