Fall 2022 Updates

Savvas Unveils New Enhancements, UX for Realize LMS Platform

Savvas Learning Company has launched a number of updates to its Savvas Realize learning management system platform with enhancements for educators and students and a new interface for teachers that aim to save time for busy educators, according to a news release.

The Savvas Realize updates include a more streamlined educator experience with faster grading workflows, improved classroom management tools, and greater integration with widely used ed tech tools, Savvas said.

A year of collaboration with nearly 100 educators prompted the company to update the LMS and add “significant enhancements to provide greater simplicity, shareability, and interoperability — helping teachers be more productive in the classroom," said Savvas CEO Bethlam Forsa.

The key enhancements include:

Streamlined Navigation: A redesigned dashboard provides unmatched simplicity, with quick links, larger thumbnails, more visual displays, refined search filters and shortcuts, and “an overall better user experience accessing Savvas programs”

Interactive Digital Content: New videos, animations, games, and adaptive resources are now easier to browse

Easier Assignment Grading: Teachers now have the option to manually score completed assignments or review auto-scored responses to optimize student grading

Greater Data Portability: Grades and assessment scores will soon be able to move with students if they transfer to a new class within a school or district

Interoperability: Seamless integrations with more than two dozen widely used ed tech applications enable plug-and-play interoperability

Learn more at Savvas.com.

Screenshot of a video on Savvas.com detailing the updates to the Savvas Realize LMS platform

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