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Moodle Gains Text-to-Speech Integration


Students using the Moodle learning platform can now listen to learning content in more than 50 languages, thanks to a new integration with digital voice and text-to-speech tool ReadSpeaker. ReadSpeaker is the first text-to-speech provider to become a Certified Integration Partner with Moodle, making its accessibility and engagement tools available to more than 200 million learners worldwide.

ReadSpeaker's tools convert written text to spoken audio with the touch of a button, allowing students to engage with content in a wide variety of voices, languages, and dialects, the company explained in a news announcement. Users can also personalize settings such as reading speed, highlighting, font, text size, and colors. ReadSpeaker has long been available as a plug-in for Moodle, but the new integration partnership will make it available to more providers, institutions, and students, the company said.

"Text to speech is a great equalizer and force multiplier for online learning, opening new and exciting pathways for engagement and mastery for millions of students, not just those needing accommodations," said Roy Lindemann, chief marketing officer for ReadSpeaker, in a statement. "This partnership is extremely significant to the institutions and students we both serve, including those needing accommodations and those who simply want added capabilities to engage with learning materials."

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