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Scribbles Software Launches New Features for K–12 School District Enrollment and Records

Online school records management company Scribbles Software has upgraded its system with several new features to make it easier for K–12 schools, districts, and families to manage enrollment, transfers, school choice and other data. They have also streamlined the system to be faster and more responsive, the company said in a release.

Cloud-based Scribbles Software has several solutions for keeping track of K–12 data, including ScribOrder, ScribTransfer, ScribFolders, ScribEnroll, ScribChoice, ScribPreK, ScribForms, ScribOnline, and ScribChain. One of the new features for ScribTransfer is ScribDashboard, which has color-coded charts providing transfer information, notably departure date and new school information.

“For example, a pie chart might show that the majority of students who left transferred to private schools, virtual academies, or neighboring districts,” the company said. “The district can sort by date ranges or drill down to see data for a specific school. This type of data helps districts as they develop strategies to help retain students and attract new ones.”

Other features include:

  • Automatic tiering of applications in order of a student’s preference, allowing districts to see students’ top choice of programs they have applied for;

  • Daily email notifications for choice program managers showing the number of applications accepted within the last 24 hours and those still pending or in progress;

  • Alerts for parents who set up accounts but didn’t complete their child’s application;

  • Improved searching and navigation.

Performance upgrades include responsiveness improvements on the mobile site, reducing processing time and making login smoother.

“Our mission is to improve records management for school districts and provide them with valuable data to support their enrollment and choice programs. Our latest product features will help them make getting this information even easier and faster,” said Misty Reinhardt, product manager for Scribbles Software.

Read the records management page to learn more about how the software manages this.

For more information about enrollment and school choice, see this page.

Scribbles Software provides paperless processes, data security, choice management programs, and solutions that help schools streamline student records and enrollment through a single, accessible, cloud-based system. Since 2010, the company has worked with over 10,000 K–12 schools and districts to streamline records management.

Scribbles Software’s website provides case studies reports and a webinars/events link. Recordings of webinars are available for those who cannot attend.

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