K16 Solutions Expands Partnership with Instructure to Provide Live Archiving to Existing Canvas Customers

Ed tech content and data migration and integration company K16 Solutions is now offering a live archiving solution to existing Instructure Canvas customers, according to a release. K16’s Scaffold Archiving SaaS fully integrates with the Canvas LMS to secure student data and archive aging content.

Archived data will remain constantly accessible in Scaffold, the company said, “​​making it easy for institutions to restore full, readable content to Canvas … so that content and data can move back and forth easily between the two.

“All information is secure and fully integrated with your destination LMS,” the release notes. “... In fact, clean and easy-to-understand content transfers over to your new LMS as easily as clicking a ‘Sync to LMS’ button.”

K16 Solutions has been providing archiving services for many years as clients moved to Canvas from other LMS platforms with courses such as those from Moodle or Blackboard, according to Sam Yaghoubi, senior vice president of partnerships. But this expansion of the partnership with Instructure, specifically designed for Canvas and based on market research, now allows archiving of aging Canvas courses and student data and provides a “cleaner version” of Canvas.

“This type of approach allows for secure retention of sensitive data,” Yaghoubi said, “while allowing for simple access when needed. Prior to this release, there was no other solution on the market for integrated content backup and storage for SaaS offerings such as Canvas.”

Scaffold accommodates the archiving of student records and submissions, course content, discussions and replies, assignments, quizzes, feedback, attachments, grade books, and more, according to K16’s website.

For a demonstration of how Scaffold works with Canvas, visit K16’s Scaffold Archiving for Canvas page. Scroll down on that page also to see a video of how Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota implemented this archiving platform. While cost is specific to an institution’s needs, the company said customers can expect to save 70% to 80% of what they currently pay to archive their data with their existing LMS.

See this page to learn more about Scaffold migration to Canvas.

"Our partnership with K16 Solutions continues to add immense value to customers," said Melissa Loble, chief customer experience officer at Instructure. "Instructure is dedicated to bringing about innovative solutions that simplify customers' lives, and this breakthrough archiving technology provided by K16 Solutions is a great example of this. We're excited Canvas customers now have this unique, state-of-the-art archiving solution."

Visit the K16 Solutions home page to learn how it uses its proprietary technology to help schools quickly and seamlessly migrate LMS platforms, archive online courses and student data, and extract and integrate data from major enterprise systems.

Go to Instructure’s products page to learn more about Canvas products, request information, and try Canvas for free.

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Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.