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Brainly Adds AI-Powered Tools to Its Platform

Homework help learning platform Brainly has introduced AI-powered tools to its lineup, including AI Tutor, AI-powered answers, and other features that students can transition between quickly and easily. They can get instant support from the AI tutor or from human tutors in real time.

When students cannot find needed information from Brainly’s Knowledge Base community, AI-powered answers kicks in with help from “Ginny,” the AI guide, to provide more information. Students can also use Simplify and/or Expand answer options. The Dive Deeper feature provides subject facts and trivia, “similar to a sidebar in a textbook sharing interesting information about the topic being discussed in that chapter,” the company said.

The AI Tutor takes learning help a step further when students need more, drawing on Brainly’s cache of 250 million moderated answers and offers help for students to understand what is being provided. The help is “personalized, interactive, and fun,” the company said.

“From day one, our approach to building Brainly has been to foster independent thinking and encourage more curiosity and engagement, enhancing students' learning experience,” said Bill Salak, Brainly’s chief technology officer. “Whether they tap into our community-driven Knowledge Base or our new AI-powered features, learners decide how they want to access homework help. They can ask for step-by-step explanations on how to solve a problem, seek follow-up questions to further their understanding of a topic or dive deeper into a subject and figure out how to solve problems independently. All within a judgment-free, secure environment.”

The Brainly app allows users to scan questions and equations without having to type them in.

Brainly is also planning to add another new feature in the near future: Test Prep, for teachers or students to create study sets for AI-generated practice quizzes. Users can sign up on a waitlist to be notified when this new feature is ready.

Brainly is free to join. Visit this page for more information and to test the app.

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Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.