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New Breakout+ Blends Digital Games with Kit-Based Manipulatives for K–12

Educational games company Breakout EDU has launched Breakout+, an adventure-based, interactive, immersive game resource calling on students to use standards-aligned critical thinking skills and academic concepts.

The first game in the new Plus lineup challenges students to communicate and work together in creative hands-on and digital activities to escape from an ancient Egyptian pyramid. Skills needed are “knowledge of place value, volume, reading comprehension, scientific principles like buoyancy, and much more,” the company said.

New Breakout+ Blends Digital Games with Kit-Based Manipulatives for K–12

Breakout+’s new interactive, immersive games will include storytelling, sound effects, music, and narration using point-and-click play, which many students are already familiar with from other adventure games. Games are self-guided and/or collaborative and can be played at students’ own pace. Educators can easily incorporate them into lesson plans.

Visit the Breakout+ page to learn more about the new feature and demo the first game.

New Breakout+ games will be available every month during the school year to schools and districts with a subscription, the company said. Subscriptions can be purchased on a per-educator or school- or district-wide basis. Visit the pricing page to see the options.

"We believe in transforming education through experiences that unlock the love of learning for all students," said Adam Bellow, CEO of Breakout EDU. "Breakout+ is yet another way we provide classrooms with gateways to develop critical 21st century skills. We're helping to shape tomorrow's leaders in today's classrooms, one exciting adventure at a time."

To learn more about Breakout EDU, visit the Why Breakout EDU page.

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