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Centegix Debuts Safety Platform Uniting Its Emergency Response Tech Solutions

Incident response technology vendor Centegix has launched a new integrated, cloud-based Safety Platform that unites its various school safety solutions and connects with emergency responder partners, the company said in a news release.

Centegix Safety Platform “initiates the fastest response time to safety incidents campus-wide” by connecting its CrisisAlert wearable badge system with its Safety Blueprint response-mapping solution and automating the steps in a school’s crisis response plan, Centegix said.

CrisisAlert badges include a button that school staff can push to call for help; it operates on a private managed network and does not require a Wi-Fi or cellular signal. For campus-wide alerts, “CrisisAlert accelerates emergency communication to everyone onsite through full audio and visual notifications, directing all to follow safety protocols and directly alerting local 911 emergency resources, also with precise location information,” Centegix said. “With Emergency Response integrations, the Safety Platform automates notification steps to reduce human error and delays with manual hand-off steps. ”

The Centegix Safety Platform also integrates the company’s Enhanced Visitor Management app that includes real-time locating capabilities as well as its Reunification software, the company said.

Additionally, external response partners’ communications tools may be integrated “to minimize the time to identify, notify, and respond to an emergency” on campus, Centegix said.

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