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Savvas Partners with Brainingcamp for Interactive Digital Math Learning Resources

Savvas Learning Company has partnered with Brainingcamp to bring visual, interactive, digital math manipulatives to its suite of learning tools for use in the K–8 curriculum. The suite will be available on Savvas' Realize digital platform.

Brainingcamp's digital manipulatives allow more flexibility for students to collaborate by sharing screens, writing on screen, and working with text tools, the company said.

The digital resources will be included with these new Savvas' math programs, the company announced at two recent math teacher and supervisor conferences:

  • enVision Mathematics, featuring deep conceptual math concepts using visual models, personalized learning, and three-part learning tasks, along with family resources to help support students at home; and

  • Experience Math, a hands-on mathematics program that fosters exploration, discovery, practice, and game play, accompanied by an evidence-based learning assessment feature to help educators teach creatively and purposefully.

Some of Brainingcamp's resources include Fraction Tiles to demonstrate fractions and a LIVE feature that allows teachers real time screen sharing for instant feedback. Math Tasks are ready-to-use mini lessons with digital manipulatives to help students develop math skills.

Savvas Partners with Brainingcamp for Interactive Digital Math Learning Resources

"By partnering with Brainingcamp, Savvas is offering best-in-class interactive math manipulatives for use with our evidence-based, K–8 math solutions," said Savvas CEO Bethlam Forsa. "This combination offers educators the instructional flexibility and accessibility they need to ensure all students have the opportunity to succeed."

"By pairing Brainingcamp's digital manipulatives with Savvas Learning Company's K–8 math programs, we are putting these virtual tools at the fingertips of teachers and students to create incredible visual and interactive learning," said Dan Harris, Brainingcamp's president and founder.

Visit Savvas' math programs page to learn more.

For more information on digital manipulatives, visit Brainingcamp's virtual math manipulatives page.

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