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ClassIn Launches TeacherIn Courseware Management Platform

Hybrid learning platform ClassIn has launched its courseware management platform TeacherIn, which promises to bring curriculum and instructional content discovery, editing, and distribution into one platform that integrates with its namesake LMS and allows teachers and content creators to “monetize their work,” the company said in a news release.

As a “content discovery marketplace” for K–12 educators, TeacherIn plans to manage and distribute licenses and offer copyright protection for publishers, according to the announcement, as TeacherIn aims to serve as a one-stop-shop for courseware management and editing for teachers, publishers, and instructional designers.

“While traditional document editors function on standalone files, courseware creators can now build an entire curriculum” for teaching with ClassIn, the company said.

ClassIn launched in China in 2014; TeacherIn is one of three solutions the company offers for education. Its virtual and hybrid learning LMS is used by over 60,000 K–12 and higher education institutions in 160 countries; ClassIn entered the U.S. education market in Fall 2022. Its ClassInX solution, designed specifically for hybrid classrooms, includes software and hardware — such as the company’s interactive blackboard that connects seamlessly to the LMS and to instructional content.

Key features of TeacherIn include the following, verbatim from the company announcement:

  • Provides a consolidated curriculum and content discovery platform for educators

  • Allows for easy course creation by district leaders and teachers

  • Makes managing digital curriculum seamless — from licenses to edits to pushing the most updated versions to teachers — TeacherIn provides curriculum management that is cloud-based, collaborative, and easy for educators

  • Provides publishers with valuable usage analytics and makes it easy to manage access licenses by using in-house developed audio-visual encoders to prevent infringement — ensuring no copyright issue

  • Provides monetization opportunities for educators and content creators who make their materials available for discovery and purchase

TeacherIn has been in beta since the beginning of the year, with about 110,000 global users so far, and ClassIn said it plans to partner with a “variety of content providers” for the TeacherIn library.

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