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IXL Learning Releases New Ultimate Math Workbooks for Middle School

IXL Learning has developed a series of print edition Ultimate Math Workbooks for middle school grades, which address math skills and topics, from multi-digit division to geometry and the Pythagorean Theorem, and more.

These workbooks complete the K–8 math curriculum series. When purchased, they can be complemented by IXL's online membership, which provides a personalized learning platform with interactive practice problems encompassing more than 10,000 skills, the company said. The online skills problems are adaptive, with question difficulty based on students' responses and learning level.

The online instruction is multi-sensory to help students learn concepts at their own pace, especially useful for those with learning differences. Each problem is carefully presented and comes with activities. Video math tutorials and immediate feedback on wrong answers are available, and the IXL website also provides access to tutors.

Students who purchase a workbook can get 20% off their online membership, the company said. Memberships can be purchased by families, starting at $9.95 per month for a single subject, or higher depending on subject package. Memberships are also available to classroom teachers and schools/districts, who can call for a quote. A free 30-day trial is also available.

The workbooks are available for purchase on Amazon.

"IXL's Ultimate Math Workbooks are the result of decades of experience creating exceptional, student-centric products that help all learners succeed," said Kate Mattison, IXL Learning's vice president of curriculum. "Our new middle school workbooks add to IXL's comprehensive offering of online and offline learning materials, giving middle school students even more high quality resources to deepen their understanding of math."

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