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Common Sense Media to Collaborate with OpenAI on AI Guidelines and Education

Common Sense Media, a nonprofit that provides tools, reviews, and other resources to help vet technology and media for children, has announced a partnership with OpenAI focused on teenagers' use of artificial intelligence. The goal: "to help realize the full potential of AI for teens and families and minimize the risks," according to a news announcement.

The organizations plan to collaborate on AI guidelines and educational materials for parents, educators, and young people, the announcement said. In addition, they will put together "family-friendly" GPTs in OpenAI's GPT Store based on Common Sense ratings and standards.

Common Sense's AI ratings assess how well a product aligns with eight AI principles:  

  • People first: Respecting human rights children's rights, identity, integrity, and human dignity, and maintaining human decision-making.
  • Fairness: Inclusion by design, with active evaluation of blind spots, hidden assumptions, and unfair biases in data.
  • Trust: Upholding high standards of scientific excellence and rigor.
  • Kids' safety: Prioritizing the protection of children's safety, health, and well-being.
  • Learning: Providing high-quality content that allows all students to participate fully in the learning.
  • Social connection: Supporting meaningful human contact and connection.
  • Privacy: Clear policies and procedures for protecting sensitive data.
  • Transparency and accountability: Providing mechanisms for meaningful human control and human agency in decision-making.

"Together, Common Sense and OpenAI will work to make sure that AI has a positive impact on all teens and families," said James P. Steyer, founder and CEO of Common Sense Media, in a statement. "Our guides and curation will be designed to educate families and educators about safe, responsible use of ChatGPT, so that we can collectively avoid any unintended consequences of this emerging technology."

More information on Common Sense's approach to AI is available at

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