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GoGuardian Unifies Learning Tools as Pear Deck Learning Ecosystem

K–12 ed tech company GoGuardian has announced a newly unified portfolio of curriculum tools named Pear Deck Learning. The solution includes four learning tools, some renamed, integrated to "close pandemic-related learning gaps while leveraging educational technologies to save time, support planning, and better enable the most important part of [educators'] work: driving positive learning outcomes," the company said in a release.

pear deck learning ecosystem

Pear Deck Learning includes these solutions:

  • Pear Assessment, formerly known as Edulastic: provides educators with information on student learning and mastery of standards with visualizations and reports;
  • Pear Deck: offers personalized instruction and real-time feedback on its interactive platform;
  • Pear Deck Tutor, formerly known as TutorMe: connects students in all grade levels on demand with one-on-one personal tutors and individualized help; and
  • Pear Practice, formerly known as Giant Steps: provides differentiated practice in a gaming format that fosters collaboration, learning growth, and mastery through a standards-aligned curriculum and reports.

"When combined, the easy-to-use tools within Pear Deck Learning create a powerful support solution for teachers and students that extends beyond the capabilities of individual applications," the company said. "The solutions will also integrate with other industry leading tools and will provide connected data sets that provide actionable insights to influence teachers' planning."

Pear Deck Learning integrates with Google for Education tools such as Chromebooks, Google Workspace for Education, and Google Cloud.

"The Pear Deck Learning ecosystem now makes it easier than ever for educators to leverage GoGuardian's learning products to drive positive student outcomes," said Alisa Sommer O'Hara, global head of ed tech partnerships and programs at Google, "and Google is proud to continue partnering with GoGuardian on delivering these solutions to classrooms everywhere."

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Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.