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Campus Clinic Rolls Out Operations and Revenue Suite to Streamline California Fee Schedule and Mental Health Services Access

Nonprofit K–12 health services provider Campus Clinic has debuted its Operations and Revenue Suite (ORS) to streamline California's Children and Youth Behavioral Health Initiative (CYBHI) Fee Schedule for schools, districts, and county education offices.

The ORS helps facilitate access to children and youth school-linked behavioral health services and reimbursement under the Fee Schedule.

The CYBHI, funded by the state at $4.7 billion, provides physical and mental health services to students at school, prioritizing early identification and prevention. Campus Clinic said its ORS is an AI-driven SaaS program that can "manage health services and maximize revenue streams."

Features of the ORS include:

  • Integrating its platform with existing district and school software;
  • Tracking insurance payer policies;
  • Tracking regulatory codes;
  • Maintaining resource hub data for district employees, community providers, and local and state resources;
  • Charting and managing claims, appeals, and fund disbursements, with the help of AI;
  • Analyzing data on services that impact student attendance and sustain departments; and
  • Maintaining a patient portal that includes consent documents and medical records.

County offices of education (COEs) and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) can also benefit from the ORS through the $400 million funded School Linked Partnership & Capacity grants. These grants help COEs and LEAs to establish or modify systems to adopt and implement the Fee Schedule.

"Although an amazing opportunity, the CYBHI Fee Schedule places a large administrative burden on schools," said Thomas Shaffer, Campus Clinic president. "These schools lack the software necessary to take on this administrative burden. This results in an implementation gap at the district and county levels. This gap cannot be solved by hiring more employees or by contracting a billing and claims solution. It needs something much bigger. It requires a robust enterprise-grade software platform, customized for educational agencies and counties that unifies resources together into one ecosystem and automates the work this administrative burden places upon them."

To learn more about the Fee Schedule and Campus Clinic's new ORS, visit the organization's CYBHI readiness page.

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Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.