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SMART Technologies Introduces OS-Free SMART Board

Interactive display company SMART Technologies has released the GX Zero SMART board, a simple USB-C cable plug-and-play device that needs no embedded software or operating system.

Once plugged in, it can make any content interactive, the company said, and works with Windows, Mac, and ChromeOS.

GX Zero SMART Board

GX Zero

The GX Zero is for users who "want the benefits of an interactive display and aren't planning to use embedded software," the company said. Users can pick up a pen, write, and save annotations in PDF or Microsoft Office file formats.

Multiple users and different tools can use it simultaneously, the company said, adding that the device uses 52% less energy than similar products.

Features include:

  • SMART Ink software that allows writing directly into programs and files "without screen freezing or clunky overlays";
  • Multiple users writing, moving, and erasing at the same time;
  • Multiple USB-C ports; and
  • Forty touch points on Windows, 20 on Mac, and 10 on ChromeOS.

Buyers can customize the display by adding a SMART OPS PC and AMGI Android appliance to provide Windows or Android-based computing. This allows compatibility with future developments, the company said.

The GX series boards are available in 65", 75", and 86". The boards come with a free SMART Notebook and resource library for teachers. Included are also real time technical support, advanced replacement, and two-way shipping. Extended warranties are also available.

To learn more about the series, see the GX in action, download a spec sheet and a brochure, or book a demo, visit the GX device page.

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