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This resource center offers real-world, hands-on insight into technology tools in K–12 education from the editors of THE Journal and our vendor partners.

THE Journal tests Nolej's new OpenAI-based instructional content builder

Nolej, a generative AI ed tech startup, has publicly launched a generative AI platform for educators that allows users to upload any type of static content (video, audio, text, or a website URL); the platform then automatically generates a ready-to-assign interactive "micro-learning package," which is essentially a standalone lesson with summaries, flashcards, and quizzes, based on the uploaded materials. This video shows a test of the platform created on Wednesday, March 29, 2023.

Estimated viewing time: 2:16 minutes

DEMO: Turnitin Gives a Sneak Peek at its AI Writing/ ChatGPT Detection Features Coming This Spring

Turnitin announced in early 2023 that it will soon launch new AI writing detection features for teachers as well as rubrics to help teachers form better assignments that are not easily "passed" if students misuse of ChatGPT and other AI writing tools in their work process. Turnitin's Principal Machine Learning Scientist David Adamson — featured on the March 2023 episode of THE Journal Insider podcast along with Director of Customer Engagement Patti West-Smith — shows in this video how the detection feature will work when it goes live to Turnitin education users in the coming weeks.

Estimated viewing time: 5:15 minutes

DEMO: YouScience's New Brightpath Education-to-Career Platform for K-12 Schools

Career training and aptitude assessment provider YouScience provided and its readers with a demo of its new education-to-career platform for K–12 schools called Brightpath, which aims to help students identify their natural aptitudes and skills, identify the learning path and school coursework best aligned to their aptitudes and future career opportunities, connect with post-secondary programs matching their aptitudes and interests, find internships and jobs matching their aptitudes, and even earn CTE certifications.

Estimated viewing time: 25:27 minutes

Demo of a Classroom Project: Color Psychology & Creating a Logo

In this video interview clip hosted by Editor Kristal Kuykendall, Ari Memar, CEO and co-founder of, demonstrates a sample project-based classroom lesson and how teachers can use the Tract app to engage students while teaching them about color psychology and how businesses use color psychology in their marketing and branding. Ari also demonstrates the student view within Tract, and how quality is emphasized over quantity, with students and educators able to give kudos and rewards or "coins" to classmates' projects.

Estimated viewing time: 0:57 minutes