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Student Teachers

The Best Little Teacher Education Program in Kansas

The Blue Valley School District's teacher training program models pedagogy and technology for tomorrow's teacher's while they're today's high school students. Colleges of education should take notice.

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October 2012 | vol. 39 no. 8

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Cloud Cover
A major statewide initiative in North Carolina is showing how a consortium model can minimize risks for districts and help them exploit the advantages of cloud computing.
What RttT-D Means to You
The latest Race to the Top competition will have a long-lasting impact on federal funding.
Not Your Father’s PA System
Physical education teachers are turning to new audio systems with modern features.
It's the Teacher, Stupid
The Common Core standards and new online assessments need more than technology readiness—they need teacher readiness.
Helping Others to Help Oneself
As student-run IT initiatives evolve into full curriculum programs, schools find that students aren't just supporting technology—technology is supporting them.
4 Steps to Getting Started with OER
Open educational resources provide benefits beyond cost savings, including the ability to differentiate the learning experience. Here are some essential elements of a successful OER implementation.
Pass it Forward
Early childhood programs can reinforce safe and appropriate usage by being intentional with their policies and instructional practices.

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