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Show Me the Money: Understanding Federal Funding Changes for K-12 Institutions

Please join us for a one-hour discussion where we aim to provide clarity about recent funding changes, including practical tips to help connect you to sources of funding. Despite the “doom and gloom” you may have heard about, there ARE funds out there.

Date: 06/20/17

Time: 12:00PM PT

Are you prepared for the latest cybersecurity challenges?

Cybersecurity is no game. Get your team warmed up to strike a triple play against malware, ransomware, and other threats from the cloud. Recent headlines have revealed a new league of cyber threats exploding on a global scale—and the risk to schools, colleges, and universities is only going to grow. Today’s hackers are big league. They seek to profit from the data they’re able to steal—student and faculty records, research data, even credit card information. Holding stolen information through ransomware is one way they’ve found to reap financial gains. It’s time to come out and swing for the fences to fight back.

Date: 06/21/17

Time: 12:00PM PT

On Demand

Unlayering Digital Equity: Empowering More Students with iPad

Providing equal access to technology tools, known as digital equity, is a challenge for many schools. This webcast examines a path towards equal technology opportunities and explains how to go beyond offering minimal iPad access during class time.