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Got LMS? Key Strategies for Choosing and Implementing a New LMS

Thousands of districts and schools have already gone through this process and have learned critical success factors to ensure choosing the right LMS. Join two educational technologists as they talk about their experience of going through an LMS evaluation and what they learned.

Date: 10/25/16

Time: 12:00PM PT

Project-Based Learning for 3D Printing

Learn from an instructor who taught the curriculum. The Stratasys 3D Printing Curriculum combines in-depth lectures, class discussions and hands-on projects. Assistant Professor Steve Chomyszak used it to teach a “Special Topics” 3D printing course at the Wentworth Institute of Technology, and he shares his successes and lessons learned in this 25-minute webinar.

Date: 10/26/16

Time: 12:00PM PT

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Student Access: Keeping It Safe To Click

Today’s schools have an unprecedented opportunity to provide K-12 students with access to new and enriched personalized learning experiences through collaboration tools, web-based materials and nearly unlimited information. Engaging in these expansive new educational opportunities comes with a level of responsibility to truly keep students safe when they’re online. For teachers and parents, it’s a delicate balance of providing access to online tools and information with the need to keep them safe from inappropriate web-based content and online behavior. Although web filtering helps shield students from harmful online content, you can’t protect kids purely through application of technology. An effective approach also requires helping students understand and learn appropriate behaviors when they’re on the Internet; about learning how to be a good digital citizen.

AMPing up STEM Instruction with 3D Printing

This webcast will present an integrated STEM middle school curriculum that utilizes 3-D printing, Math and Science concepts and practices through a Problem Based Learning experience. We will discuss 3-D printing solutions that are best suited for use in classrooms and focus on safety, ease of operation, and most importantly quality of product. The curriculum is designed by Georgia Tech’s Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics and Computing as part of the NSF funded AMP-IT-UP project and utilized the Stratasys uPrint series printers for student product production for testing.

How to Ace Your Apple School Manager Integration

Fall is here and students are heading back to the classroom. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the powerful education tools from Apple to transform the way your school and students use iPads to teach and learn. Attend our webcast to unlock the full potential of Apple School Manager.

Using IBM SPSS Statistics to Facilitate College and Career Readiness

To be college and career ready, students must have proficiency in academic content, skills in technology and research, and dispositions that would prepare them for any post-secondary path. Important skills like using data to solve problems and employing technology tools to produce and present information permeate across grade levels. To assist in this work, IBM SPSS Statistics, an industry leader for over 40 years, can be integrated into curricula and prepare students with technology skills that are being used in every sector of the workforce today. In this webcast, attendees will see examples of how IBM SPSS Statistics can be used in STEM courses and for research to facilitate development of relevant skills. So whether students are enrolling in a post-secondary institution or entering the workforce, they will be ready!