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THE Journal Leadership Summit: Key Strategies for K-12 Information Technology in 2021

In our first-ever IT Leadership Summit dedicated to information technology and instructional technology professionals, our experts spotlight strategies to support the mission of K–12 education in these unusual times and provide insights into funding those strategies.

Addressing IT Security During Remote Learning

It’s an education technology leader’s worst nightmare: During remote learning, the K–12 education segment has become not only the No. 1 target for ransomware, but it also makes up the majority of all ransomware attacks. We’ll learn about the scope and impact of these troubling developments and explore strategies that schools and districts have employed in response.

The IT Director's Guide to Hyflex: Setting up the Optimal Teaching and Learning Studio for Your Educators

Coordinating technologies to support effective synchronous, asynchronous and in-person learning has become the major challenge for K–12 IT leaders in the last 12 months. That scenario is likely to continue into the foreseeable future, regardless of what happens with a COVID-1 vaccine. This discussion provides tactics for equipping your teachers with the gear they need to accomplish the job.

How Districts and Schools are Spending their CARES Act Funding on Technology

With the first round of CARES Act funding the education sector has received billions, and it stands to get even more in the second round, which was approved in December. This session offers insights on how districts are spending at least a portion of that money on technology to address teaching and learning and operational needs in the short-term and long-term and how they're weaving E-rate discounts into their decision-making.

The Equity Cycle: Anti-Racist, Diverse and Inclusive Digital Education

In education, we love hot new buzz words. And recently, equity has become very popular with not many understanding what it entails or how to unpack it. In this session, let’s start an authentic conversation on how to unpack anti-racist, anti-bias, diverse, and inclusive education.

THE Journal Distance Learning Summit

Four months after schools began shutting down nationwide, educators now face a new challenge: planning for the fall amid the uncertainty of partial school openings and potential continued or renewed shutdowns. What have we learned from this spring's short-term responses, and how can they lead to more effective, longer-term solutions amid all of this uncertainty? Over the course of three one-hour sessions, including three audience Q&A periods, our expert educators and technology pros offer guidance for the coming semester for America's K–12 schools.