With Cisco Unified Workspaces, teachers and students experience the flexibility of using any device to securely access any information, any application, and any expertise—from anywhere—for efficient, productive teaching and learning.

Cisco Lecture Vision: Capture the Full Educational Experience, Not Just the Lecture

With each one of your students bringing their unique perspectives to the classroom, how can you take advantage of technology to help them learn more effectively, develop specialized skills, and provide the foundation for their success in the 21st century global economy?

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BYOD Resources

The Cisco Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Solution supports anytime, anywhere, any-device usage, while facilitating change in IT control and management to balance the needs of both users and IT.

BYOD White Papers

  • 8 Steps CIOs Must Take To Transform With Artificial Intelligence

    Companies across the globe are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) within their organizations - 51% of firms have already implemented or are expanding their implementation of AI. An additional 20% plan to implement AI in the next 12 months. However, to ensure success and mitigate the risks, CIOs must take the lead and engage the lines of business on their AI initiatives, modernize IT, and drive the AI agenda. Read More

  • Esports in K-12: A "Getting Started" Checklist

    Esports is proving to be a game changer for students, schools, and the broader global community. K12 schools looking to start their own program, however, are struggling with where to begin. That’s where this checklist can help—providing you with what you need to know to start and maintain a successful esports program. Read More

  • Developing an Effective Workload Placement Strategy

    Determining where to run your workloads is a top challenge for today’s IT. With so many considerations and unique requirements there is never a one-size-fits-all answer. Particularly with mission-critical or sensitive workloads, the ability to easily adapt while maintaining security, increasing performance and maximizing efficiency is key. Hybrid IT is a mix of on-premises and public cloud infrastructure. It’s workload-centric and business-first as it delivers optimal placement options for each workload. The Dell EMC PowerEdge server portfolio can help your organization deliver the best hybrid infrastructure for powering the workloads that power your business. Read More

  • Giving Teachers Voice and Choice

    Did you know that a technology refresh gave a school district the opportunity to reboot its approach to professional development and help its teachers learn how to ask for instructional support as they needed it? This only means one thing: it’s time to take your teacher training from “sit-and-git” to more professional learning. Read More

  • Using Hyperconverged to Improve Your District Data Center

    As users clamor for more applications and data usage grows in your schools, the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) offers a way for you to simplify your data center operations and speed up your response times. Learn how from K12 IT experts. Read More

  • A Room of Their Own

    Teaching and learning environments should include more than just content or information delivery. THE Journal recently interviewed key experts to provide valuable insight into the successful learning space redesign strategies. Read More

  • Viewpoints: Esports in Education for K-20

    K-12 and higher education are scrambling to keep up with student demand for the newest mode of learning: esports. Experts in K12 and Hi Ed explain why it’s happening, how to get started and how it is benefiting students of all ages. Download this Viewpoints interview from Dell and Intel® to learn key observations on why esports is gaining speed, how teachers and faculty can participate and what’s needed to launch an effective esports program. Read More

  • Creativity in K-12 Education—A Powerful Practice for Today’s Learning

    Many k-12 educators today are reconsidering what an effective education should look like. As they search for ways to better engage students based on their individual talents, interests, and learning styles, creativity becomes a critical skill and key enabler. Read More

  • Hybrid IT: Make the Most of Your investment

    The public cloud is not a panacea that solves all IT problems—or addresses all future needs. IDC research shows that leading organizations are opting for hybrid IT environments, mixing cloud and on-premises resources to maximize agility, performance and scalability. With hybrid, organizations can customize to fit their strategy and adapt to the accelerated rate of change. Read More

  • How Digital Tools Can Cultivate Collaboration in the Classroom

    While collaboration is one of the four “Cs” in 21st century learning, students need skilled guidance to learn how to work with others most effectively. Here’s how to get started. Read More

  • Constructing a Common Language for 1-to-1

    A Dell expert on K-12 digital transformations explains why a lot of districts that have already implemented a program to give computing devices to every student aren’t getting the return they expected. Read More

  • The Artificial Intelligence Starter Guide for IT Leaders

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology that will change the way organizations interact and will add intelligence to many products and services through new insights currently hidden in vast pools of data. In 2017 alone, venture capitalists invested more than $11.7 billion in the top 100 Artificial Intelligence startups, according to CB Insights, and the breadth of Artificial Intelligence applications continues to grow. While human-like intelligence will remain the stuff of fantasy novels and movies for the near future, most organizations can and should explore practical Artificial Intelligence projects. Read More

  • 5 Steps to Achieving Endpoint Resilience in Education

    Applying a patchwork of protection with traditional security controls and freeware tools is proving inadequate. The relentless onslaught of daily attacks coupled with stretched IT teams and limited budgets is impeding educational institutions from delivering on the goal of educational excellence through endpoint resilience. Proactive prevention is the most effective protection, but resilient organizations understand and prepare for the worst. Resilience is the combination of protection and response that allows your organization to rapidly recover after an attack. Read More

  • 5 Facts You Need to Know About Educational Resilience Today

    As old perimeters crumble, new malware threats advance. Traditional cybersecurity solutions aren’t enough to keep your modern educational environment safe. Download this information white paper to learn what you need to know about the current state of educational cybersecurity—and how to achieve educational resilience for your institution. Read More

  • Education That Pivots

    Finding student success through technology takes a lot of factors lining up just right. But a good place to start is setting up classroom zones that fit the learning needs of the moment and letting students pivot through the day. Download this informative white paper to learn more. Read More

  • Making the Grade: End-to-End Security in Education

    As more technology is incorporated into schools, so are more security risks and vulnerabilities. Learn how school leaders and IT teams can keep networks, endpoints, and physical environments secure with end-to-end security solutions in this eBook. Read More

  • Reading School District

    With an end-to-end security solution, comprising of endpoint management, network security, and physical security, Reading School District is helping keep students safer across their large district. Read More

  • Staying Ahead of the Metagame: Esports Basic for K-20

    Whether it’s a high school, college or university, interest in esports is running high. One of the reasons: Many students are already gaming, so why not find ways to instill learning where they’re already hanging out? Dell Technologies Education Strategists Jeanne Weber (higher education) and Snow White (K-12) work with schools in developing esports programs that tie to career pathways and help students gain valuable skills for continuing their education or moving into jobs. In this interview Jeanne and Snow share their observations on why esports is gaining speed, how teachers and faculty can participate and what’s needed to launch an effective esports program. Read More

  • Delivering Desktops Virtually

    As Lubbock Independent School District makes the transition from Windows devices to Chromebooks, it's relying more and more heavily on virtual desktop infrastructure to give users — both students and staff — access to the learning and work applications and other tools that still require Windows access. At the beginning of 2019, over a single weekend, the Texas district implemented hyperconverged infrastructure, and it's not looking back. As Chief Technology Officer, Damon Jackson, and Senior Platform Technology Engineer, Jason Blackburn, discuss, HCI has given them the "Easy Button" they sought for network management and delivered "remarkably faster" performance. Read More

  • Esports as Education Game Changer

    When the New York Institute of Technology took a gamer’s advice to organize esports play for its students, little did the institution expect that seed to grow into groundbreaking medical research, a potential area for development of a new minor and a recruitment lure for new students. In this interview Dan Vélez, NYIT’s director of Athletics and Recreation, and Jerry Balentine, dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine, explain what medical issues esports players face as athletes, how esports compares to other athletic endeavors and what the future looks like for students who immerse themselves in the world of collegiate online gaming. Read More

  • Using Hyperconverged to Improve Your District Data Center

    The way Dell Technologies’ Jeremy Merrill sees it, hyperconverged infrastructure is simply the next smart step in moving to the virtualized data center. As this technical expert explains, HCI loads software on top of commodity servers to allow IT administrators to manage the compute layer as well as storage. That consolidation gives them far simpler management and expanded oversight of their virtualized workloads to help them keep up with district IT goals. Here’s what you need to understand to get started. Read More

  • Tackling the Digital Learning Time Crunch

    When Rialto Unified School District undertook a 1-to-1 program for its 26,000 students, the California school system knew an infrastructure update was in order. And the more those devices were being used for learning — not just during school, but after school, for Saturday school and deep into the summer — the smaller the windows became in which the IT organization could handle maintenance tasks. The district decided to try a new approach for refreshing the network. As Network Services Manager, Raul Maciel, explains, hyperconvergence not only delivered the flexibility IT sought, but boosted performance, added redundancy and kept the familiar management interface staff members already knew well. Read More

  • Turning to Student Voice and Choice for High School Esports

    Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District CTO Kyle Berger is facing new kinds of challenges he never could have foreseen before introducing an esports program into his high schools, including taking calls from college recruiters who want to know more about some of his players and hearing from parents wondering how they can get their kids on the teams. But, as he explains in this interview, the response from students has made those tiny hassles all worth the effort. Read More

  • Making the Best Virtual Infrastructure Choices for Future-proofing in K-12

    Lowering technology, TCO at the same time your working to "future-proof" your education infrastructure is tricky but doable. This brief guide lays out the argument for re-examining how storage should be designed to sustain the digital demands being made in your district. You’ll gain insights on how to make decisions about your data center architecture that will result in a more resilient, scalable network and simplify your operations. Our experts will also share the signals to watch for that indicate you’re heading in the right direction for future-proofing your infrastructure. Along the way you’ll hear from school systems that have faced similar choices and the outcomes they’ve enjoyed as a result. Read More

  • The Esports Edge

    Esports programs are kicking off across the country as educators see the value in leveraging internet-based game-playing to boost STEM education. From encouraging students who may not be interested in school to pursue their education to growing the number of girls entering STEAM degree programs at the college level, esports are becoming increasingly important to create a pipeline of college-going students. Read More

  • Engaging Students in STEAM Learning

    Engaging students in STEAM subjects not only creates pathways to future job opportunities; it helps them become adept at solving all kinds of problems they might encounter, regardless of their chosen careers. Download this informative Snapshot report to explore 5 insightful articles on how to provide high-quality STEAM learning opportunities for students. Read More

  • Giving Teachers Voice and Choice

    It's time to transform your teacher training from "sit-and-git" or "one-and-done" to professional learning that helps educators understand how to gain the outcomes they want for their students. Read More

  • Bringing in the Virtual Connection

    This e-learning expert is consumed with the problem of how to bring people together for learning when some are physically present and others are virtually present, yet they want to interact as if they're all in the same room together. Read More

  • A Room of Their Own

    An expert on learning space redesign explains why rows of desks don't work anymore and how to figure out where to start your K-12 classroom layout reboot. Read More

  • Innovation over Iteration in 1-to-1

    This school district shares what it has learned about the importance of stepping back and thinking deeply about teaching and learning before handing out devices. Read More

  • Constructing a Common Language for 1-to-1

    An expert on K-12 digital transformations explains why a lot of districts that have already implemented a program to give computing devices to every student aren't getting the return they expected. Read More

  • Building Purposeful Professional Learning

    A technology refresh gave this school district the opportunity to reboot its approach to professional development and help its teachers learn how to ask for instructional support as they need it. Read More

  • A Classroom of the Future

    Invite enthusiastic teachers to request whatever they want for their flexible classrooms and let the learning begin! Read More

  • Achieve Excellence with Blended Learning

    As an educator, you know things are changing in your classroom—new educational techniques, new technology to help support those techniques, and a greater connection with each individual student. The world is changing and the way you teach your students is changing as well. Student-guided and technology-driven activities are helping create a truly personalized blended learning experience tailored for the needs and strengths of your students. The focus is more on the individual student. THE Journal has helped guide you through these transitions. Read More

  • Student Devices on the K-12 Network Infographic

    Shifting to a student-centered education model requires that schools allow mobile devices for personalized learning. This also introduces new demands related to networking, security, technical support and more. To understand the new challenges, THE Journal surveyed K-12 educators and staff members on their practices related to device usage and security in their schools and districts. Here's what they report. Read More

  • Schools Embrace Mobile Devices

    To understand the issues K-12 faces in the midst of increased technology purchases and usage, THE Journal surveyed district and school personnel on matters related to E-rate participation, student device programs, major challenges posed by device usage, security matters and delivery of technical support, among other topics. Here’s a look at the findings. Read More

  • 5 Ways to Bridge the Homework Gap

    Anywhere/anytime learning can’t happen when students lack reliable, high-speed connectivity. Likewise, as school and teacher communications with families are increasingly handled through on-line forms, this "homework gap," as the February report points out, is becoming a "widening chasm into which parents/guardians also fall." If you're in one of the 75 percent of districts with no strategy for providing connectivity to students at home or after school, here are five ways to tackle the challenge of delivering internet access outside the classroom. Read More

  • Accelerate Professional Learning

    Download this informative white paper to explore how two districts help their educators create the collaborative, creative, and student-centered environment every student deserves. Two districts profiled here—one a pioneer in the use of 1-to-1 devices in the classroom and the other much newer to the pervasive use of educational technology—share their lessons for building a culture of change that’s both sustainable and scalable through regular professional learning sessions. Read More

  • Empowering Smart Learning PDF Screenshot

    Today’s sedentary lifestyles are affecting our youth and their classroom performance. Compound this with pressures to sacrifice physical education time for more classroom time for the core subjects. Download this white paper to learn how schools can encourage this new learning environment by supporting the technology platform while promoting a healthier, active classroom. Read More

  • Classroom Live Streaming on a Budget WP_SS

    Live stream PA announcements, assemblies, sporting events and other events such as graduation ceremonies! This e-book will help you get started live streaming, and give you tips to establish a successful, budget-conscious live streaming setup for your school. Read More

  • Driving Outcomes with One-to-One Initiatives in K-12 PDF Screenshot

    One-to-one initiatives are vital to the success of new learning environments. By putting mobile devices with Intel® Atom™ or Intel® Core™ processors into the hands of every student and teacher in their schools, districts open the door for a richer, more individualized educational experience. Download this white paper to learn how two school districts in Texas rolled out their very own one-to-one programs and the amazing outcomes they have experienced. Read More

  • Choosing the Right Technologies to Transform Learning PDF Screenshot

    No question about it: Technology can — and does — enhance learning at every stage from kindergarten through high school. School districts have access to more learning resources, services, tools, and products than ever before, including a wide range of highly portable devices. Download this white paper to learn how increasingly, laptops, tablets, and other devices powered by Intel® Core™ and Intel® Atom™ processors are helping districts transform education from a rigid one-size-fits-all experience to a flexible environment in which students become independent,self-directed learners in the classroom and beyond. Read More

  • Checklist for a Successful 1-to-1 Rollout PDF Screenshot

    Rolling out a 1-to-1 initiative is a huge undertaking, but it doesn’t need to be a headache. From your first stakeholder meeting to putting devices in student hands, here’s what your district needs to know to ensure a smooth integration. Read More

  • Powering Student Learning with Data Analytics in K-12 Infographic PDF Screenshot

    THE Journal surveyed K-12 education decision-makers on the use of data and its impact on student learning in their schools and districts. Download this informative infographic to learn why they said the smart use of big data and learning analytics contributes to better pedagogies, empowered students and improved outcomes. Read More

  • Success Factors of Digitally Connected Community

    Download this white paper to learn the challenges currently facing local educational entities, describe 10 exemplary local alliances that enabled connection to CalREN in California, and finish with a set of recommendations for other local entities wishing to create a successful local consortium that could duplicate this success for themselves and for their local educational ecosystems. Read More

  • Network Readiness Guide

    As new educational concepts are tested and adopted, such as 1:1 learning, flipped learning, bring your own device (BYOD), and professional development, it is important to understand how the new applications required to address these trends function, the amount of additional bandwidth needed to support them, and the impact they have upon existing applications. Download this guide to learn suggestions on what questions you should ask, a process to consider, and action points around network preparedness for Common Core assessments for grades 3–11. Read More

  • Enabling Bring Your Own Device PDF Screenshot

    The idea of bring your own device (BYOD) for connectivity has been well recognized in most networking environments. This trend has only increased in recent years as more students have turned to personal computing devices as study aides as connectivity has become easier and costs have fallen. This white paper explores the impact of BYOD on modern education network environments through education-specific cases and a deeper look at the evolving needs of wired and wireless network access on campus. Read More

  • Cloud Communications: Creating a New Paradigm for Teaching and Learning PDF Screenshot

    Cloud-based communications systems are uniquely positioned to provide K-12 teachers and administrators with an efficient and effective means for both collaboration and communication. Download this white paper to learn how four education trends- cloud computing, BYOD, social media, and videoconferencing- have the potential to fundamentally reshape teaching and learning through enhanced communication and collaboration. Read More

  • Systems Management and Deployment in Education PDF Screenshot

    Whether you’re implementing systems management and systems deployment solutions for a single campus or across multiple locations, it can be a challenge to find solutions that support growth while securing your diverse environment, especially as newer systems and devices, such as Chromebooks, are being added to the mix. Discover how two K-12 school districts – San Bernardino Superintendent of Schools and Seminole County Public Schools – saved time and money, streamlined inventory and asset management, and replaced multiple systems with just the K1000 and K2000. Read More

  • District Builds Fast, Low-Cost Network with Optical Networking PDF Screenshot

    As schools and campuses look to revamp their legacy switch networks, new technologies such as passive optical networking mean that copper networks are simply no longer efficient or cost-effective models. Download this informative Digital Dialogue to learn how low-cost solutions requiring less space and materials, using passive optical networking to provide a single fiber-based network for all services are the wave of the future. Read More

  • Rockingham County Schools Case Study PDF Screenshot

    Learn how and why Rockingham County School District in North Carolina paired the Canvas learning management system (LMS) with Chromebooks to implement a successful 1:1 initiative. Find out how the cloud-based LMS and Google’s Chromebook work together to enable seamless access to cloud-based tools. Read More

  • Best Practices for WiFi in K-12 Schools PDF Screenshot

    As school districts increase technology access for students and staff, whether through school provided devices, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs, or a hybrid approach, they must ensure the district wireless LANs (WLANs) can deliver the reliability, performance and security needed to keep learning time productive. Dell, through GovConnection, can help! Read More

  • Glen Ellyn School Uses Digital Signage to Enhance Curriculum PDF Screenshot

    Download this white paper to learn how Glen Ellyn school built technology into the curriculum while simultaneously upgrading systems to disseminate information. Read More

  • Deep Security 9 PDF Screenshot

    Virtualization and cloud computing have transformed the data center. Yet many organizations continue to use legacy security as they move from traditional physical environments to the modern data center where virtualization and cloud are the norm. Download this white paper to learn how using legacy security in the modern data center hindersthe return on investment (ROI) of virtualization and cloud computing. Read More

  • Virtualization for K-12 and Higher Education PDF Screenshot

    Information technology has never been more important for higher education and K-12. Students have grown up with the web, expecting fast, 24/7 access to information, e-mail, games and social networking. And they expect no less from digital classrooms or scheduling, registration and financial aid delivery systems. As educational technologies proliferate, IT managers are looking at server consolidation, virtualization and cloud computing to improve efficiency and agility while reducing operating costs. Read More

  • Preparing for Success with Online Assessments PDF Screenshot

    With the move to state-mandated online assessments, decisions about hardware, network infrastructure, professional development, and community outreach have never been more important. Download this White Paper to learn how ACER, through GovConnection, is helping schools laying the foundation for success. Read More

  • HP Desktop Mini: The Next-Generation in Business Desktop PCs PDF Screenshot

    Desktops are still where people work—at home offices, in small/medium businesses, and the enterprise. And desktop PCs are still the workhorses of the average business. Yet the form factor and demands of yesterday’s desktops, consuming multiple hundreds of watts of power, are fading away in favor of performance-driven and power-efficient platforms that do all that is needed for the daily worker. Download this White Paper to learn how using powerful, compact technology, smart design, and feature-rich software, HP offers the new HP Desktop Mini. Read More

  • HP Officejet Pro X Series Special Price PDF Screenshot

    Download this exclusive offer for HP Officejet Pro X Series printers! Read More

  • HP Solutions for Education PDF Screenshot

    HP believes that everyone—no matter who they are or where they come from—has the right to a quality education. As a premier provider of technology solutions for education, HP offers efficient and effective access to resources anytime, anywhere, empowering users by helping ensure that the right people utilize the right tools in the most effective ways. Read More

  • Your Essential Connection: Wired Tablet Keyboard with Stand PDF Screenshot

    Bluetooth wireless keyboards are not always permitted in school testing environments, and battery-powered or rechargeable keyboards can run out of power at unfortunate moments, with unfair consequences. Download this white paper to learn how many schools are addressing this tricky problem. Read More

  • Technology in Education PDF Screenshot

    Discover how Lenovo's groundbreaking technology is improving learning outcomes and increasing operational efficiency in schools. Read More

  • The Importance of Safety Certification for Charging Systems PDF Screenshot

    All device charging systems are not created equal. There is a tendency to assume that all charging systems are safe, but this is not always true. It is important to choose products that are safety certified as complete and integrated systems. It is important to require this of your supplier to ensure the safety of your devices, your facilities and your students. Read More

  • Quick Guide: Launching Your First 1:1 Program PDF screen shot

    Students and teachers can reap many benefits from 1:1 learning in their classrooms, if the program is implemented thoughtfully. Amplify and the One-to-One Institute have partnered to produce the Quick Guide to Launching Your First 1:1 Program, which is filled with expert recommendations on developing a vision, creating a strategic plan and implementing it with the proper infrastructure, professional development and communication channels in place to ensure a successful program. Read More

  • Implementing Wireless Infrastructure for Common Core Testing in Schools PDF screen shot

    States have begun to adopt the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), a set of rigorous, common standards for K-12 education that provide clarity and consistency around student learning expectations across the country. IT infrastructure within the schools have a significant impact on how these Common Core standards are taught and how the assessments are conducted. “Nearly 78% of schools nationwide have yet to complete plans to support Common Core assessments for the next academic year.” As you gear up to support the testing, make absolute sure your wireless infrastructure is up to the task. Download this Common Core whitepaper to find out more and keep in mind that Xirrus offers a solution => just one (1) Xirrus Array can service a computer lab or multiple classrooms of students testing at one time. And less equipment reduces costs. Our Common Core test kit is portable, easy to set up, and simple to use. Email us at info@xirrus.com. Read More

  • Shape the Future PDF Screenshot

    Download this White Paper to learn how the right tools in the classroom can encourage student learning and empower children to succeed by building 21st century skills. Read More

  • Engaging All Learners—From Kindergarten through High School and Beyond PDF Screenshot

    When Naperville Community Unit School District 203 launched a search for a new LMS, the district sought feedback from more than 200 teachers, students, and parents from every grade level. Find out why they chose Canvas. Read More

  • 7 Amazing 3D STEM Projects To Do with Your Class Stratasys WP_Thumb

    In this informative whitepaper, we highlight 7 ways classrooms around the country are utilizing 3D printing to enhance the science, technology, engineering and math skills of their students. You will learn how this emerging technology is being used to help students gain experience in problem-solving and design while offering true STEM learning. Read More

  • Solutions Guide Education: Improving Outcomes One Student at a Time PDF screen shot

    Download this informative solutions guide - featuring several case studies - to learn about the extensive resources that are available in education today. Read More

  • Ultrabook Connectivy Add-ons PDF Screenshot

    Ultrabooks and super-thin laptops have their advantages. Connecting your existing peripherals and the Internet through Ethernet isn’t one of them. Don’t worry! StarTech, through GovConnection, can help upgrade your new Ultrabook’s connectivity. Read More

  • Windows Server 2003: Why You Should Get Current PDF Screenshot

    This IDC white paper considers the end of extended support for Windows Server 2003 and explores the Windows migration options that are available to customers and the benefits associated with a modernization effort. It also evaluates the risks that customers faced if they did not move off of Windows Server 2003 prior to the conclusion of extended support. Read More

  • Sophos Enduser Data Suite PDF Screenshot

    Download this White Paper to learn how successfully combining encryption, DLP, endpoint and mobile protection can create the perfect data protection plan without complexity. Read More

  • Tablet Computers in Education PDF screen shot

    Learn how tablet technology has evolved to meet the specific technology needs of students and schools, what solutions are now available, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and what should be considered before deploying tablets within our schools. Read More

  • The Perfect Fit for Education PDF Screenshot

    Make the most of your mobile devices in and out of the classroom with a complete assortment of Belkin accessories through GovConnection. Start by protecting every Apple® iPad® with a Belkin Air Protect Case, and then bring in compatible accessories like the Belkin Store and Charge Station and Belkin Tablet Stands. You’ll never have to compromise between safety and convenience. Read More

  • Microsoft Surface in Education: The World is Your Classroom PDF Screenshot

    As schools move to school-wide 1:1 computing, standardization of technology and devices is key to ensuring adequate compatibility, support, security, and management for all students and educators.. Surface and Windows 8 provides the foundation for a consistent, controlled, and protected environment. Download this White Paper to learn how your students create and engage anytime, anywhere. Read More

  • Case Study: Academies of Discovery PDF Screenshot

    Part of the progressive Hall County Schools System, the Academies of Discovery in Gainesville, Ga., were established with a vision of fostering 21st century skills through technology. Having adopted a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for their young students, the Academies recognized the need for display technology that would encourage collaboration and support a teaching approach built around project-based learning.Download this white paper to learn how they turned their vision into a reality. Read More

  • Custom Test Report: Comparative Performance Evaluation PDF Screenshot

    Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI) was commissioned by Lexmark International Inc. to conduct an independent lab comparative lab evaluation of the performance of new Lexmark brand extra-high-yield print cartridges against that of re-manufactured brand cartridges in the Lexmark T644 monochrome printer. Download this white paper to learn how the test results compare and which cartridge can save schools time and money. Read More

  • Brooklyn Tech: From Students to Makers PDF Screenshot

    Learn how Brooklyn Tech, the largest specialized high school for STEM in the United States, which counts two Nobel Prize winners among its alumni, is using MakerBot Desktop 3D Printers to advance their engineering programs and helping their students become more engaged and proactive than ever. Read More

  • A Better Classroom PDF Screenshot

    When Cranbrook Schools decided to design from scratch the Kingswood Middle School for Girls, they looked to AVI-SPL for an integrated solution to address the latest technology as well as the unique architecture of the building. Having worked with AVI-SPL in the past, Cranbrook knew that they would develop and deliver the most detailed and functional interactive experience available.To learn more about the exciting interactive technologies that are popping up in schools all over the country and how these technologies change the face of education, download the following case study. Read More

  • Kid Tested and School Approved PDF Screenshot

    Can you trust a 10-year-old with a sophisticated laptop – or a 16-year-old for that matter? How can you protect your computer equipment from dings and other damage liable to happen in a K-12 school environment, where students are still learning responsibility? Lenovo through GovConnection can help. Download this whitepaper to learn more. Read More

  • Are You on Track for PARCC Readiness? PDF Screenshot

    Enabling BYOD, high-density classroom WiFi, tablets, and video, Cisco Meraki cloud networking was built for the demands of education. Cisco Meraki has been proven in over 1,000 K-12 campuses and is trusted by the largest districts and independent schools alike. Read More

  • Leading the Shift: Strategies for Your Transition to Common Core PDF screen shot

    How do you help teachers become better at their craft and maximize professional learning time in the face of major shifts like Common Core? Download this Executive Summary from a recent T.H.E. Journal and Teaching Channel Common Core Summit event in Long Beach, California to hear feedback from top educators and their recommendations on best practices. Read More

  • Testing in the Common Core Era PDF screen shot

    Download this guide to learn about device strategies for next-generation online assessments. Read More

  • Lenovo is Your Partner in Common Core Readiness PDF Screenshot

    As districts decide how to spend Common Core dollars, technical requirements are just the start. Download this White Paper to learn how education-built products and innovative services can help you build a reliable, responsive infrastructure that supports true integration of technology into learning and success. Read More

  • Planning for the Unplanned PDF Screenshot

    The increasing number of physical disasters and security concerns has forced agencies to place a high price on Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR). Read More

  • Cut Downtime with Your Continuity Best Practices PDF Screenshot

    Communication is vital in a disaster. Your agency needs to know what to do, and the plan to get back normal operations Read More

  • Cloud Computing is Transforming IT Strategies PDF Screenshot

    Cloud computing facilitates innovation as a change-agent with less human capital and energy compared to traditional IT models. Read More

  • Creating Magic in the Classroom PDF Screenshot

    Download this informative Executive Summary from an exclusive event aimed to provide educators, administrators and IT leaders with practical tools for integrating technology into the classroom. Read More

  • Technology Solutions Tailored to Your Agency PDF Screenshot

    Expanding your agency’s technological capabilities can be both complex and costly. PCMG is an expert at servicing government and educational organizations. As an ISO 9001:2000 registered company that has over 25 years of experience providing IT products, services and solutions we build customized solutions that meet your needs and stay within your budget Read More

  • Now You Can Compute From Almost Anywhere PDF Screenshot

    More and more workers use wireless as their primary access and any disruption or challenge accessing the network can have serious impact on productivity. Read More

  • Transitioning to the New World of BYOD PDF Screenshot

    The use of workforce user devices has mushroomed (often 3x)and the complexity of ownership, standards, security and manageability has become very complicated. Read More

  • A Shift to More Authentic Learning PDF Screenshot

    Download this White Paper to learn how 3D printing delivers real-world design and production challenges to students in the classroom. Read More

  • Thought Leadership | The Changing Landscape of IT Delivery and Consumption in Education PDF Screenshot

    Hear from Thought Leaders in both higher education and K-12 about their thoughts on how the cloud is altering the IT infrastructure in education, changing the way schools deliver and consume IT services. At the center of this new infrastructure is the network. No longer just "plumbing" in the infrastructure, the network is now a strategic asset. As more and more IT functions, including software and platforms, are offered as a cloud service, the network infrastructure that securely and reliably enables the consumption of these services becomes increasingly important. So how does this look in real-world environments? Campus Technology and T.H.E. Journal spoke with a panel of education technology experts to get their insight. Read More

  • Empowering Smart Learning PDF Screenshot

    Mobile devices continue to positively effect student achievement in the classroom. Learn how to efficiently charge and secure tablets when devices are not in use. Download this white paper to better understand the tools many districts are using to mount devices, charge tablets, and protect the technology used everyday. Read More

  • New Financial Options From Lenovo Extend Your IT Capabilities PDF Screenshot

    Download this white paper to gain a better understanding of the ways Lenovo Financial Services (LFS) can help ensure you find a way to complete important IT efforts. LFS can simplify project approval by providing a broad range of PC and PC+ devices that can be managed under a single agreement. Read More

  • Reaching the Student with Differentiated Instruction PDF Screenshot

    As each student provides a unique skill set and diverse needs, educators are consistently seeking innovative tools and methods to best serve their student body. Many districts have turned to differentiated instruction due to its significant impact on student achievement. Download this white paper to better understand how educators and technology leaders are modifying their districts to use differentiated instruction to identify and adapt to different learning styles, language capabilities, and other factors contributing to individual performance. Read More

  • Belkin Secure Wired Keyboard: The Ideal Companion for your iPad or Samsung Tablet PDF Screenshot

    Many districts have turned to tablets or mobile devices to enhance the learning process. As technology continues to move towards mobility, download this white paper to learn how many schools have turned to secure wired keyboards for effective learning and protected standardized testing environments. Read More

  • Case Study: Richland School District Two PDF Screenshot

    Administrators at Richland School District Two wanted to dramatically expand a program for 1:1 computing to improve instructional quality and educational outcomes. Download this White Paper to learn how they successfully rolled out their program creating exciting lessons for students, easy-to adopt methods for teachers, as well as a reduced support burden for IT and better total cost of ownership. Read More

  • Improving Mobility in K-12 Education PDF Screenshot

    Mobile devices are rapidly revolutionizing student learning in the K-12 educational environment. As tablets and other mobile devices continue to become one of the most affordable solutions for one-to-one learning, it is critical for schools and districts to make the most out of their devices. Download this whitepaper to learn how the addition of peripheral keyboards can make a significant difference in both enhancing the learning process while also providing students with both functionality and mobility. Read More

  • Online Meetings Spark New Opportunities for Schools PDF screen shot

    The Anoka-Hennepin School District uses web-based tools to help teachers share information and enhance instruction. Read More

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Collaboration Resources

From classroom learning to collaborative research to meeting with colleagues around the world, Cisco Collaboration solutions can dramatically improve productivity, foster innovation, and streamline administration.

Collaboration White Papers

  • Making the Grade: End-to-End Security in Education

    As more technology is incorporated into schools, so are more security risks and vulnerabilities. Learn how school leaders and IT teams can keep networks, endpoints, and physical environments secure with end-to-end security solutions in this eBook. Read More

  • Ultrabook Connectivy Add-ons PDF Screenshot

    Ultrabooks and super-thin laptops have their advantages. Connecting your existing peripherals and the Internet through Ethernet isn’t one of them. Don’t worry! StarTech, through GovConnection, can help upgrade your new Ultrabook’s connectivity. Read More

  • Case Study: Richland School District Two PDF Screenshot

    Administrators at Richland School District Two wanted to dramatically expand a program for 1:1 computing to improve instructional quality and educational outcomes. Download this White Paper to learn how they successfully rolled out their program creating exciting lessons for students, easy-to adopt methods for teachers, as well as a reduced support burden for IT and better total cost of ownership. Read More

  • BYOD and Beyond: How To Turn BYOD into Productivity PDF screen shot

    One of the most overlooked aspects of the BYOD phenomenon isn’t just connecting the users to the network, but how to manage them once they’re there. Getting mobile and BYO devices onto the network is now table stakes. This white paper will take you through the necessary connectivity and productivity requirements in order to ensure your network is truly ready for the mobility explosion. Read More

  • HP Solutions for Education PDF Screenshot

    HP believes that everyone—no matter who they are or where they come from—has the right to a quality education. As a premier provider of technology solutions for education, HP offers efficient and effective access to resources anytime, anywhere, empowering users by helping ensure that the right people utilize the right tools in the most effective ways. Read More

  • Education with Virtualization Intel

    Learn why the students from Broadgreen International School are dedicated to setting the standard for 21st century education with state of the art technology. Read More

  • Market Primer: Networking Market Primer: Networking

    In today's business landscape Networking is not only one of the most practical IT solutions you can implement, but a fundamental necessity. Learn the first steps towards creating your IT network and gain comprehensive insight into topics such as, Networking Basics, Market trends and Product requirements and cost. Read More

  • Desert Sands School District Helps Students Succeed With Cisco Network Desert Sands Case Study

    Desert Sands taps Cisco virtualization and BYOD solutions to boost student achievement scores and reduce costs. Read More

  • Supporting Safe and Effective Digital Learning PDF screen shot

    Download the conversation between two thought leaders from two different schools in addition to SonicWALL’s responses discussing online assisted learning, collaborative learning and remote education. Read More

  • What Does It Mean To Comprehend What One Reads Headsprout

    The following article describes the research and analysis that forms the foundation of Headsprout Reading Comprehension, including how the program teaches vocabulary and comprehension strategies, and the scientific development process underlying the program. Read More

  • Strategy Guide to Converged Infrastructure in K-12 Education PDF screen shot

    The pressure to achive in K-12 education has never been greater. Students are expected to learn more, teachers and administrators are expected to do more, and all of this has to be measured more, even while budgets are cut. This strategy guide explains how you can upgrade technology, standardize equipment and improve IT practices in your schol district. This whitepaper is a rich media document, and includes IDC Analyst reasearch, multimedia content, solutions brief, valuable reference articles and up to 3 customer case stidies, all embedded in a single document. Read More

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The Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) Solution provides virtual desktops, voice, video, and applications within a unified environment that makes the next generation of collaborative education possible.

VXI White Papers

VXI Videos

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