With Cisco Unified Workspaces, teachers and students experience the flexibility of using any device to securely access any information, any application, and any expertise—from anywhere—for efficient, productive teaching and learning.

Simplify Desktop Management, Enhance Security, and Lower Costs with Cisco Virtual Desktop Solutions

Schools must continuously provide a flexible desktop environment for their students, teachers, and administrators. Download this white paper to learn more about desktop virtualization solutions that are uniquely positioned to deliver rapid deployment of desktops and offer superior control and security of centralized desktops—all while reducing overall desktop total cost of ownership. (TCO).

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BYOD Resources

The Cisco Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Solution supports anytime, anywhere, any-device usage, while facilitating change in IT control and management to balance the needs of both users and IT.

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Collaboration Resources

From classroom learning to collaborative research to meeting with colleagues around the world, Cisco Collaboration solutions can dramatically improve productivity, foster innovation, and streamline administration.

Collaboration White Papers

  • How the Cloud Helped Portland Schools Transform IT Operations

    Large school districts face some of the most multifaceted computing demands of any organization today. Teachers and students need fast networks and constant connectivity, while administrators and IT teams require tight security and system flexibility. Read how a recent migration project in Portland, Oregon, demonstrates how modern cloud technologies can help school IT leaders meet and exceed these demands. Read More

  • Solving IT Staffing Challenges With Managed Services

    Historically, K-12 School Systems have taken a “do-it-yourself” approach to deploying and managing their network infrastructure. However, K-12 leaders are starting to rethink this method as they look for ways to solve for a shortage of IT talent. Read More

  • The Digital Divide by the Numbers

    After years of discussion around the homework gap and digital divide in K-12 education, are today’s students today better equipped to access learning materials outside the classroom? Districts have invested in access points and other devices, and students have returned to the classroom, but recent data suggests that this remains a persistent and unresolved issue. Read More

  • 4 Keys to Success with Zero Trust

    While Zero Trust can be challenging to implement for any district, its potential for reducing risks and improving network security is significant. Read More

  • Your Blueprint for Building an Online Learning Program

    There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to online education. By selecting the right tools and asking the right questions, you can build your own path to success – and FlexPoint is here to help! Read More

  • BYOD in Education PDF screen shot

    Download this white paper to learn how the Cisco BYOD Solution for Education helps to get mobile devices connected both simply and securely. Read More

  • The Ultimate OS Showdown: Windows vs Chrome for K-12 Teachers and Admin

    Ready for the ultimate Windows vs Chrome showdown? Tailored specifically to use cases in K-12 education, this snappy side-by-side of Windows OS and Chrome OS gives you the tools you need to choose the “perfect fit” device for teachers and admin at your school. Read More

  • 2022 Edtech App Report

    The 2022 Edtech App Report offers K-12 district leaders powerful and practical data surrounding the use of technology in today's school districts. It provides valuable insights on district safety, cybersecurity, and budgeting, gleaned from national trends. Read More

  • Powered by Lightspeed: How Beaverton School District Thinks Big

    Don't let staff shortages limit your ability to provide safe, secure, and equitable education for your students. Lightspeed Systems' centralized platform simplifies the way districts of all sizes operate and frees up staff time to focus on what matters most: students and their learning. Read More

  • 4 Tech Challenges K-12 Schools Are Up Against and How Zones Can Help!

    Despite the desperate drive to empower hybrid learning in K-12 schools, the lack of proper equipment, connectivity, and a secure learning environment for students acts as a trifecta of obstacles. Leading to a distressing surge in failing grades across the nation. Read More

  • Dare County Schools Secures Student Success Today and into the Future with High-Speed Connectivity

    Recently, the use of video streaming, virtual learning and online instruction has increased greatly, as digital learning became more widely adopted in the classroom. This has caused many school districts to adapt at a faster pace than some are prepared for. Read More

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VXI Resources

The Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) Solution provides virtual desktops, voice, video, and applications within a unified environment that makes the next generation of collaborative education possible.

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