With Cisco Unified Workspaces, teachers and students experience the flexibility of using any device to securely access any information, any application, and any expertise—from anywhere—for efficient, productive teaching and learning.

Washington Schools Implement Desktop Virtualization Solution

Richland School District upgrades technology, increases efficiency, and reduces costs with VDI.

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BYOD Resources

The Cisco Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Solution supports anytime, anywhere, any-device usage, while facilitating change in IT control and management to balance the needs of both users and IT.

BYOD White Papers

  • Case Study: Madison County Schools

    For 17 years and counting, ABM has partnered with the Madison County Public Schools district in northeastern Georgia as their provider of integrated facility services, saving them a projected $40 million. Read More

  • eBook: Changes That Will Last

    Technology is the driving factor in the lasting impacts the pandemic is having on education. Learn more from the exclusive articles in this eBook, including: Read More

  • Taking Stock of Your School Software Decisions Post-Pandemic

    Now that districts are emerging from remote learning, teachers and staff may be using programs that aren’t the best choices long-term. It’s time to become more thoughtful about the software solutions you invest in. The results may surprise you. Read More

  • Are Your Students Your Greatest Threat? Part 1
  • Are Your Students Your Greatest Threat? Part 2
  • K-12 Digital Learning Predictions

    The past few decades have brought significant changes in K-12 education. Many schools have empowered students by giving them a mobile device for learning. Education is becoming more personalized and engaging, with students taking a more active role in their learning. Student-driven inquiry, creation and collaboration are replacing teacher-centered instruction — and anytime, anywhere learning is becoming a reality. Read More

  • Building a Future-Ready K-12 Network

    Technology is transforming K–12 education by enabling richer, more personalized and more student-centered learning environments. Aided by technology, students are collaborating with their peers and with subject-matter experts around the world, creating and sharing original ideas. In this new era of learning, a powerful and scalable network is essential for delivering on technology’s promise. This e-book will help you understand how to be prepared to meet evolving network requirements. Read More

  • Powering K-12 Digital Transformations

    Digital transformation is the integration of technology throughout all areas of education to fundamentally alter teaching, learning and school operations. It’s not tinkering around the edges. It’s making wholesale changes to the entire organization to drive systemic change. And it’s not just improving on old processes. It’s reimagining these to deliver more value to students and other stakeholders in ways we couldn’t envision just a generation ago. Read More

  • Project Tomorrow: Taking learning online – leveraging online resources to support students’ learning and teacher effectiveness

    In this report, we analyze how teachers are using digital content and resources in the classroom today and the views of technology leaders for how to effectively support that usage. These insights will be contextualized around the concept of bandwidth stability and usage in the classroom specifically to drive academic outcomes. Included in this report are the perspectives of teachers and their students about the workplace and academic outcomes associated with effective technology use in the classroom. Read More

  • Gamechanger: Security in Connectivity

    Download this gamechanger to gain exclusive insights into today's cybersecurity environment, including: Read More

  • One Minute Whitepaper: How Okta Mitigates Cybersecurity Risks for Education

    Cybersecurity risks for learning institutions are significant and growing. Read More

  • Kingsborough Community College

    A multi-layered cybersecurity strategy Read More

  • Identity Frameworks for Education Systems

    Keeping School Districts & Campuses Connected Read More

  • Learning Platform and SIS Buyer's Guide

    School district leaders and administrators lack time to exhaustively research available Ed Tech products in the market. Still, education leaders are hard-pressed to configure solutions for their school’s learning and student information management needs, especially as we adjust to an entirely new way of managing education due to the impact of COVID-19. Read More

  • Deleting the Digital Divide: Device Shortage Expected to Continue

    Yes, the problems that tightened access to student computing devices during the height of the pandemic are expected to plague districts in the coming school year too.

    When Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger told 60 Minutes reporter Lesley Stahl in early May 2021 that the global chip shortage would probably last for “a couple of years,” one could almost hear the collective gasp from purchasing officers at school districts across America. Could the device shortages that clobbered schools in the height of the pandemic closures strike again? Read More

  • The Connected Campus Delivers Innovation

    Today’s students and researchers require a technology experience second-to-none. As a result, CIOs in the academic sector are looking to deliver a digital experience on campus that provides a great End User Computing experience, supports education through distance learning, virtual labs and research, and improves the workflow of the institution with interconnected systems. Read More

  • Nutanix Frame Streamlines Distance Learning

    Schools and districts everywhere are preparing for a world in which distance learning has become a critical capability and an important differentiator in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This means ensuring that students have access to the computing services and applications they need to succeed. Read More

  • The LMS Workbook for K-12 Leaders

    How do you help teachers across your district make learning personal for every student? A good start: leveraging the benefits of an open Learning Management System (LMS). With several options to choose from, selecting the right one is critical to building a rich tech ecosystem that works the way you need it. Read More

  • Higher Education Adopts New Display Technology to Enrich Learning

    As digital technology permeates society, prospective college students prefer to learn and collaborate digitally, driving more higher education institutions to adopt advanced A/V solutions to better compete for digital-first scholars and expand their total offering. Read More

  • A Review of Data Protection in K-12 Schools

    From student records, transcripts, and test results to academic and research information, the data collected by schools and districts is growing exponentially. And despite the time, effort, and money that goes towards protecting this data, disruption is still commonplace. Read More

  • Delivering Secure, Remote Access for Uninterrupted Learning

    Ensuring all students have equitable remote access to school resources and technology in today’s highly distributed learning environments is a top challenge for K-12. Next-generation virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions from Dell Technologies and VMware deliver the right mix of flexibility and scalability needed to deliver uninterrupted learning. Read More

  • The Pathway to a Zero Trust Workspace

    School networks have undergone remarkable change. Their boundaries have become opaque and the line between on- and off- network, harder to define. Read More

  • Boost Your Cybersecurity Capabilities with Dell Technologies

    While cyberattacks are increasing in volume, so too is the amount of sensitive data. For that reason, a cybersecurity plan is vital for schools and districts of all sizes and capabilities. Read More

  • Washington Schools Implement Desktop Virtualization Solution PDF screen shot

    Richland School District upgrades technology, increases efficiency, and reduces costs with VDI. Read More

  • Simplify Desktop Management, Enhance Security, and Lower Costs with Cisco Virtual Desktop Solutions PDF screen shot

    Schools must continuously provide a flexible desktop environment for their students, teachers, and administrators. Download this white paper to learn more about desktop virtualization solutions that are uniquely positioned to deliver rapid deployment of desktops and offer superior control and security of centralized desktops—all while reducing overall desktop total cost of ownership. (TCO). Read More

  • School District Offers More Connected Learning at Lower Cost PDF screen shot

    Indianapolis Public School District installs virtual desktops to increase student access to new learning materials. Read More

  • Ohio Schools Provide Students with Unlimited Computer Access PDF screen shot

    Oak Hills Local School District supports academic success by providing students with more access to the classroom. Read More

  • Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure PDF screen shot

    Cisco VXI delivers an end-to-end virtual workspace solution that provides the security, scalability, and flexibility of desktop virtualization together with voice and video capabilities for an uncompromised and productive user experience. Read More

  • Online Meetings Spark New Opportunities for Schools PDF screen shot

    School District uses web-based tools to help teachers share information and enhance instruction. Read More

  • Cisco Lecture Vision: Capture the Full Educational Experience, Not Just the Lecture PDF screen shot

    With each one of your students bringing their unique perspectives to the classroom, how can you take advantage of technology to help them learn more effectively, develop specialized skills, and provide the foundation for their success in the 21st century global economy? Read More

  • California School System Implements 21st Century Learning Tools PDF screen shot

    Learn how Fontana Unified School District increases student, faculty, and staff collaboration utilizing Cisco TelePresence solution. Read More

  • Teach, Learn, and Work Your Way with Unified Workspaces PDF screen shot

    Unified Workspace is a strategy for delivering Cisco Smart Solutions within your educational environment, helping you empower learners, improve agility, and operate more efficiently. Read More

  • Schools Plug Into BYOD: Mobile Devices Transform Learning at Katy ISD PDF screen shot

    Learn how Katy ISD transforms education with mobile learning. Read More

  • School District Upgrades Network to Support Education Vision PDF screen shot

    Learn how Farmington Public Schools installed network solutions resulting in increased mobility for students and staff. Read More

  • Every Child, Every Day: Mooresville's "Digital Conversion" Puts Kids First PDF screen shot

    Learn how Mooresville’s “Digital Conversion” puts kids first. Read More

  • BYOD in Education PDF screen shot

    Download this white paper to learn how the Cisco BYOD Solution for Education helps to get mobile devices connected both simply and securely. Read More

  • Rowan-Salisbury School System
    North Carolina School District Uses WLAN to Expand Learning Opportunities Beyond the Classroom
    PDF screen shot

    The Rowan-Salisbury School System is comprised of 35 schools, about 20,000 students, and roughly 3,000 employees. They were facing the growth pains that come for school districts that embrace high-tech trends. They needed to accommodate an influx of Apple iPads, iPod Touches, laptops, and other popular Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices on its wireless network. Learn how the Rowan-Salisbury School System deployed a Wireless LAN that allowed students to use the same device in the classroom as they use at home, providing an enriched learning experience for the students. Read More

  • Riverside Unified School District
    Large School District Implements One-to-One Tablet Computer Program
    PDF screen shot

    Like any massive school district, RUSD faces a mobile-device onslaught, especially because the district is implementing a one-to-one program using tablet computers. This tablet program drove the need for a high-performance, scalable, reliable WLAN at the schools. Learn about the wireless LAN deployment at RUSD and the benefits they’re seeing from having wireless and future plans for their WLAN deployment. Read More

  • Protecting School Networks In The Age of BYOD PDF screen shot

    Computer and Internet use in K-12 schools has evolved from a “nice to have” into a “must have” as educators, parents and school boards recognize how engaging, individualized curriculum can enrich the student learning experience and demonstrably improve standardized test scores. Read More

  • Unlocking the Potential of All Learners PDF screen shot

    Download this whitepaper to learn how assistive technology can revolutionize the lives of students with special needs. By providing a single source for acquiring, managing and servicing assistive technology, Dell, working with Intel, empowers students to meet their goals. Read More

  • Transforming STEM Learning Through Technology in Elementary Education PDF screen shot

    Learn how to transform and enhance science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning among elementary students through technology. Read More

  • Engaging the STEM Intermediate Student with Technology PDF screen shot

    Learn how to use classroom technologies and interactive presentation tools to better engage middle-school students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning. Read More

  • Digital STEM Learning and the High School Student PDF screen shot

    Learn how integrating technology and digital tools in the classroom helps improve science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning in high school students. Read More

  • BYOD and Beyond: How To Turn BYOD into Productivity PDF screen shot

    One of the most overlooked aspects of the BYOD phenomenon isn’t just connecting the users to the network, but how to manage them once they’re there. Getting mobile and BYO devices onto the network is now table stakes. This white paper will take you through the necessary connectivity and productivity requirements in order to ensure your network is truly ready for the mobility explosion. Read More

  • Nationally Ranked Texas School District Achieves More for Less with Xirrus Wireless Arrays PDF screen shot

    Plano Independent School District (ISD) covers approximately 100 square miles, encompassing the city of Plano, the ninth largest municipal in Texas. The district currently employees 7,000 faculty and staff members and educates over 55,000 students per year. Plano ISD has achieved national recognition for its high academic standards. Read More

  • Wireless Solutions for Primary/Secondary Schools PDF screen shot

    Smart schools improve learning with intelligent wireless networking. Read More

  • Xirrus Partners with Stoneware (LanSchool) to Bring Control to the Classroom PDF screen shot

    After extensive research, we selected Xirrus Wireless Arrays and the Stoneware LanSchool platform as the most effective solution for seamlessly supporting our bandwidth demands and classroom management needs. Read More

  • Avoid Your Wi-Fi Network Getting Crushed by BYOD PDF screen shot

    From its inception, Xirrus has understood that traditional enterprise Wi-Fi solutions are not built to effectively scale to handle expanding wireless performance requirements. In this whitepaper we discuss building a wireless network to support in the influx of Wi-Fi enabled device Read More

  • Wireless Solutions for Interactive Learning PDF screen shot

    Building a wireless infrastructure for the digital classroom that not only meets today’s demands but also those of the coming years. Read More

  • Upgrade your Wi-Fi Network with 75% Less Gear! PDF screen shot

    As more devices use the corporate wireless network, the network needs to be able to handle the increased utilization of network resources. Read More

  • GigaOM Report: Deploy a Wireless Network at Wired-like Speed PDF screen shot

    This paper follows the ascent of Wi-Fi and looks at how its expanding role within the enterprise — including public or private organizations in the education, health care, government and safety sectors. We also examine how these requirements will be met by further expansion in the Wi-Fi standards and by a new generation of Wi-Fi equipment and devices. We will discuss how the enterprise can benefit from the evolution of Wi-Fi by deploying future-proof networks that will organically improve performance. Read More

  • Minooka Community Consolidated School District #201 PDF screen shot

    This whitepaper provides an overview of how Minooka Community Consolidated School District has deployed HP thin clients on the desktop to deliver reliability in the classroom, while providing more efficient centralized management of application software, via remote management. Business benefits highlighted include improved access, availability for more users and hardware cost savings. Download this case study to learn more. Read More

  • Hudson Falls Central School District: HP SchoolCloud Solution Delivers Reliable, Flexible Classroom Technology PDF screen shot

    Hudson Falls Central School District benefits from reliable, flexible classroom technology by implementing the HP SchoolCloud solution, including HP Thin Clients linked to HP Server Blades. Read More

  • BRING Your Own Mobile Devices to School

    In today’s educational environments, more and more students, guests, and faculty are bringing in their own Wi-Fi devices into the school’s network. This presents a unique challenge to the IT administrator. This paper discusses the challenges and solutions IT administrators are facing and how HP is addressing the security and management of the multiple devices being introduced into the wireless/wired network. Read More

  • K-12 and the Cloud: A Catalyst for Transformational Change PDF screen shot

    Cloud computing offers an easy and cost-effective way to realize the benefits that technology in education brings to K-12 classrooms while deriving the greatest value from your district's IT budget. Read More

  • Getting Schooled on Next-Generation Mobility PDF screen shot

    In today's educational environments, more and more students, guests, and faculty are bringing in their own Wi-Fi devices into the school's network. This presents a unique challenge to the IT administrator. This paper discusses the challenges and solutions IT administrators are facing and how HP is addressing the security and management of the multiple devices being introduced into the wireless/wired network. Read More

  • Getting Schooled on Next-Generation Mobility PDF screen shot

    Several K-12 schools are not able to capitalize on the growing technical opportunities that exist in today’s society because of the limitations of their WLAN networks. This whitepaper will discuss the obstacles that K-12 IT teams are facing in expanding mobility and how the HP Optimized WLAN Architecture’s unique features can help to eliminate these barriers. Read More

  • BRING Your Own Mobile Devices to School

    In today’s educational environments, more and more students, guests, and faculty are bringing in their own Wi-Fi devices into the school’s network. This presents a unique challenge to the IT administrator. This paper discusses the challenges and solutions IT administrators are facing and how HP is addressing the security and management of the multiple devices being introduced into the wireless/wired network. Read More

  • Now and in the Future: Meeting Today’s K-12 IT Challenges PDF screen shot

    Citrix provides an academic computing virtualization solution to address the desktop, the data infrastructure and the datacenter itself to ease the strain on IT while improving the delivery of administrative and instructional applications to any faculty member or student, in any location, on any end device with an Internet connection. Read More

  • Desktop Transformation Model PDF screen shot

    Citrix understands the complexities associated with the switch to virtualization, and created the Desktop Transformation Model to provide practical guidance and simplify the virtual desktop adoption process. Citrix applies its proven methodology to help IT move from a traditional, distributed physical desktop system into a centrally delivered desktop environment. Read More

  • York County School Division: 2,800-Seat Virtual Desktop Solution on Citrix and NetApp PDF screen shot

    York County Schools needed to deliver anytime, anywhere access to teaching and learning systems, so they turned to a scalable virtual desktop solution using Citrix XenDesktop and NetApp storage solutions. The district now uses 60% less storage and 97% less energy – and deployed desktops (in nine schools) which can be updated in hours rather than months. Read More

  • Citrix XenDesktop Built on FlexPod PDF screen shot

    Download this whitepaper to see why FlexPod is a leading solution for Citrix desktop virtualization and how it can help you. Read More

  • Deliver the New Education Virtual Workspace with Cisco VXI PDF screen shot

    The meaning of "going to school" is changing. While school is more important than ever, the idea that the classroom serves as the primary educational venue is being uprooted. See how you can virtualize resources to deliver consistent learning experiences, regardless of device or location. Read More

  • Park Hill Chooses Citrix and Cisco for Desktop Virtualization Park Hill School District Screen Shot

    Park Hill School District uses Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to improve district wide desktop management and online access. Read More

  • Thin Client Computing PDF screen shot

    While minimalism in computing has been around since the 1990s, the concept only recently has hit its stride: Computer devices that only carry out essential applications, or "thin clients", have a longer operational life span, cut energy use and are less expensive to purchase and maintain. As the phenomenon of software as a service gains traction, in fact, thin clients are already replacing desktop PCs in many government, commercial and educational settings. Learn more in this white paper "Thin Client Computing: Providing Solutions and Dispelling Myths". Read More

  • Cloud: What An Enterprise Must Know PDF screen shot

    Download this whitepaper to gain insights from Cisco's perspective about the benefits, barriers and options that exist regarding cloud computing along with their implementation strategy and guidance about how to navigate the landscape. Read More

  • Pender County School District PDF screen shot

    The Pender County School District in North Carolina wanted to find the most affordable, scalable, and easily managed wireless LAN. After examining all of its alternatives, the district found success with Aerohive Networks. Read More

  • Holly Area School District PDF screen shot

    After a visit to Apple's Cupertino campus, Holly Area School District’s Director of Technology was inspired to deploy MacBooks, iPads, Apple’s 21C digital media tools, and other devices to the district's students, connecting them to the Wi-Fi network Read More

  • The iEverything Enterprise PDF screen shot

    Virtualization, cloud computing, and wireless technology are fundamentally changing enterprise computing, providing revolutionary gains in productivity and cost savings. Powerful enterprise applications can now be delivered to almost any device, anywhere, at any time. Read More

  • Allegany County Public Schools PDF screen shot

    Allegany County Public Schools was facing those growth pains that come for folks who embrace high-tech trends: It needed to accommodate an influx of Apple iPads, and other popular Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices, on its wireless network. Read More

  • Schools Graduate to Enterprise-class Wi-Fi PDF screen shot

    This paper examines how schools can apply 802.11n enterprise-class Wi-Fi technology in ways that pay while overcoming such traditional challenges as shrinking budgets, high network management costs, and nagging performance and reliability troubles Read More

  • Horry County Public Schools PDF screen shot

    Horry County Schools ran into reliability and manageability problems with its existing wireless network. They needed a more robust solution to serve as the Wi-Fi infrastructure for its highly distributed environment. Read More

  • StudentManager & TeacherView: Giving Teachers Control of Wireless Computing in the Classroom PDF screen shot

    StudentManager & TeacherView simplifies the process of bringing wireless devices into the classroom and empowers teachers to monitor and manage their classroom. This solution helps create an efficient teaching environment while enhancing productivity. Read More

  • Bonjour Gateway PDF screen shot

    Aerohive built a Bonjour Gateway to manage and control Apple service availability (such as AirPrint™, AirPlay®, file sharing, collaboration applications, etc.) across an entire enterprise network. Ensure students are connected – to the right content. Read More

  • Supporting Safe and Effective Digital Learning PDF screen shot

    Download the conversation between two thought leaders from two different schools in addition to SonicWALL’s responses discussing online assisted learning, collaborative learning and remote education. Read More

  • Next-Generation Firewalls and Content: A Guide to Selecting the Right Solution for K-12 Schools PDF screen shot

    Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) address the security and content filtering challenges faced by today’s K-12 organizations. NGFWs deliver a comprehensive and highly granular solution for network security, bandwidth management and content control that reduces the cost and complexity of running educational networks. Read More

  • Helping Schools Secure Their Networks While Saving Their Budgets PDF screen shot

    SonicWALL Solutions for K-12 Education. Read More

  • Danbury Public Schools Case Study PDF screen shot

    Danbury Public Schools deployed a SonicWALL E-Class NSA E7500 and NSA 2400 to optimize network performance. Read More

  • Crete-Monee School District Case Study PDF screen shot

    Crete-Monee School District deployed E-Class NSA E6500 firewalls, an SRA 4200 and SonicWALL ViewPoint™ to optimize their bandwidth and achieve CIPA compliance for the district. Read More

  • Lees Summit R7 School District Case Study PDF screen shot

    Lee's Summit R-7 School District deployed the SonicWALL® E-Class NSA E7500 to guarantee and prioritize bandwidth for its high-priority applications, such as online testing, end-of-course state assessments, Polycom® video traffic and curriculum applications. Read More

  • Mannheim School District 83 Case Study PDF screen shot

    Mannheim School District 83 supports 2,800 students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade in Franklin Park, Melrose Park and Northlake, Illinois. Read More

  • Hall County Schools Case Study PDF screen shot

    Hall County Schools leverages SonicWALL Appliance Intelligence, Control and Visualization for bandwidth management and prioritization of application traffic for VoIP, video conferencing and social media resources. Read More

  • Top 10 Considerations For Moving to the Cloud PDF screen shot

    There is a recent and exciting movement to cloud-based infrastructures in K–12 education—and for good reason. Cloud computing enables access to applications, data, information, content and curriculum from anywhere an Internet connection is available. It helps improve secure data management and meets the needs of rapidly changing content and software applications. Read More

  • Strategy Guide to Converged Infrastructure in K-12 Education PDF screen shot

    The pressure to achive in K-12 education has never been greater. Students are expected to learn more, teachers and administrators are expected to do more, and all of this has to be measured more, even while budgets are cut. This strategy guide explains how you can upgrade technology, standardize equipment and improve IT practices in your schol district. This whitepaper is a rich media document, and includes IDC Analyst reasearch, multimedia content, solutions brief, valuable reference articles and up to 3 customer case stidies, all embedded in a single document. Read More

  • Mikooka Community Consolidated School District #201 PDF screen shot

    This whitepaper provides an overview of how Minooka Community Consolidated School District has deployed HP thin clients on the desktop to deliver reliability in the classroom, while providing more efficient centralized management of application software, via remote management. Business benefits highlighted include improved access, availability for more users and hardware cost savings. Download this case study to learn more. Read More

  • K-12 and the Cloud: A Catalyst for Transformational Change PDF screen shot

    You’ve seen the benefits that technology brings to education, not only for teaching and learning but also for management and administration. Yet given today’s troubled economy, chances are you’re also concerned about the cost. As applications proliferate, how will you keep up with the constant need to replace or upgrade software, servers and high-performance desktops and notebooks? Read More

  • Getting Schooled on Next-Generation Mobility PDF screen shot

    This whitepaper discusses how K-12 districts can unleash the freedon that Wi-Fi affords them in learning and administration, by embracing sophisticated WLANS. It provides an overview of wireless learning, the HP Advantage, protecting students/data, easing and unifying management and how to lower TCO. Read More

  • HP Networking Technologies Help Gilbert Public Schools Connect to Millions in Savings PDF screen shot

    The school had been using Cisco Systems technology. But after comducting a competitive analysis it decided to go with HP, which saved it more than $2M. Combined with HP's lifetime equipment warranty and free firmware and software upgrades, the district lowered its projected cost of ownership for the new network. Read More

  • Secure, Affordable, and Easy-to-Administer Education Networks PDF screen shot

    Online learning, mobile technologies and distance learning have all contributed to the need for a secure and easy to administer network for schools. Find out how creating a high-performing, safe network doesn’t have to break your budget. Read More

  • Palo Alto High School: In Pursuit of a Pulitzer PDF screen shot

    Using Adobe Creative Suite 5.5, students are able to communicate complex ideas in compelling and creative ways that are unique to each student. Read More

  • Predicting the Outcome: Business Analytics for Education pdf screen shot

    Data has become the lifeblood of education. Governments predicate their school funding on it; districts demonstrate the effectiveness of their practices with it; schools prove the merits of their instructional approaches by it; instructors redirect their lesson plans because of it. This white paper reveals how you can use business analytics to make sense of all your data to drive decision making andimprove student performance and student retention. Read More

  • The 3D in Education White Paper pdf screen shot

    This whitepaper will uncover the results of the research of Professor Dr. Anne Bamford, the Director of the International Research Agency, regarding the use of 3D animations on students learning performance, especially in testing. Read More

  • Desktop Virtualization in K-12 Schools: The Time Has Come pdf screen shot

    This paper explores the potential advantages of using desktop virtualization for PCs rather than taking the traditional approach where every computer has its own operating system, resident applications, memory, processing power, and storage. Read More

  • HP Networking technologies help Gilbert Public Schools connect to millions in savings PDF screen shot

    Expanding and upgrading your school district’s outdated LAN network is vital in meeting the multimedia needs of your students and faculty while preventing network outages, spotty coverage, and security concerns. Learn how Gilbert Public Schools found a broadband network solution that saved them $2 million over other proposals. Read More

  • Apple in K-12 Education: Challenges, Benefits, and Solutions PDF screen shot

    In this white paper, GroupLogic, the leading provider of solutions for the cross-platform enterprise, will explore the challenges faced by K-12 institutions today, as well as some of the inherent benefits of those same issues. Read More

  • Strategy Guide to Converged Infrastructure in K12 Education PDF screen shot

    The pressure to achieve in K-12 education has never been greater. Students are expected to learn more, teachers and administrators are expected to do more, and all of this has to be measured more, even while budgets are cut. This strategy guide explains how you can upgrade technology, standardize equipment and improve IT practices in your school district... Read More

  • How K-12 schools and school districts can reduce costs through HP Converged Infrastructure and Branch Consolidation PDF screen shot

    Maintaining productive and smoothly running business operations is essential for today’s campuses. They need reliable IT systems—servers, storage, networked PCs, and printers—that will not only support their internal operations, but also can quickly adapt to changing business conditions. Read More

  • K-12 schools can do more with less: HP Branch Consolidation based on Converged Infrastructure PDF Screen Shot

    A growing number of today’s organizations are looking to streamline technology operations—removing outdated, non-standard equipment and legacy infrastructures that are slow and unreliable—in their branch offices as a way to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and better serve their customers. Read More

  • Top Ten Education IT Systems Management Pain Points Kaseya White Paper Cover

    From dealing with rogue “IT hobbyists” to naïve bosses, Kaseya presents common IT systems management pain points in the education industry and our solutions to each. Read More

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From classroom learning to collaborative research to meeting with colleagues around the world, Cisco Collaboration solutions can dramatically improve productivity, foster innovation, and streamline administration.

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The Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) Solution provides virtual desktops, voice, video, and applications within a unified environment that makes the next generation of collaborative education possible.

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