Win PCs, Scanners & SW in HyperStudio Contest

The International HyperStudio Multimedia Contest, co-sponsored by Compaq, Mountain Lake Software and Roger Wagner Publishing, will offer desktop PCs and other prizes to teams that author multimedia presentations with HyperStudio (Windows or Macintosh version).

The contest is divided into three groups: ages 7-11, ages 12-16 and teachers. Student entries will be judged for originality and impact, while teacher entries will be judged for "instructional creativity" and impact. Prizes include Compaq PCs and Agfa SnapScan scanners, plus software titles from Broderbund, Claris, MetaCreations and The Learning Co.

Finalists will have their entries published in one of three online zines (Cyberkids, Cyberteens or Cyberteachers) published by Mountain Lake. The zines contain articles, bulletin boards and other resources for their respective audiences. Visitors to these sites will be able to vote for their favorite projects from January through March 1998.

At the start of each month, educators can download a free copy of HyperStudio that will expire in 30 days. The entry deadline is December 15, 1997. Mountain Lake Software, San Francisco, CA, (800) 669-6574,

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This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.

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