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Equipped with 8 auto-negotiating 10/100 ports, Farallon's compact plug-and-play 10/100 Starlet Dual-Speed Hub is perfect for schools that are looking to network 100Mb-capable nodes, such as iMacs, with existing 10Mb devices, but do not require more sophisticated switched hubs. Features include: NWay 10/100 auto-negotiation for easy integration of 10 and 100Base-T devices; internal 2-port switch for connectivity between 10Mb and 100Mb devices; diagnostic LEDs for at-a-glance 10/100 and link/activity monitoring; and universal power supply for worldwide use.

Also from Farallon is the 10Mb Starlet Hub. These mini-hubs simply connect Macs, PCs, printers, modems and routers to share printers, computer files and Internet access. Compact and lightweight, they feature 4-, 5- or 8-10Base-T plug-and-play port configurations, uplink switches for connection to another Starlet hub, and automatic partitioning of faulty ports. Both hubs come with free technical support and a lifetime warranty. Farallon Communications, Inc., San Leandro, CA, (510) 346-8000,


This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.

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