World of Warcraft Invades Language Arts Class

Schools across the country are mapping their curriculum to the fantasy RPG World of Warcraft, proving that students can learn a surprising amount from dwarves, elves, and orcs.

Cloud Storage in the Real World

The cloud, in theory, is supposed to help make the lives of IT professionals in schools a little bit easier. Assuming all of the privacy issues are addressed, does the practice support the theory? Larry Steinke, technology director Saint Francis High School, shared his experiences with THE Journal.

9 Keys to Success in Hybrid Programs

Strategies to help develop the right environment for blended learning.

Maintaining Control of Document Access in Google Apps for Education

This Michigan school district wanted to make sure it had oversight of documents that might contain personally sensitive information even if they were stored in the cloud.

Augmented Reality Apps Transform Class Time

Students at one school have been successfully experimenting with augmented reality on their iPads for months, and even Apple is paying attention.

Using iPads With Mixed-Ability Students, Teachers Must 'Give Up Some Control'

When rolling out iPads, teachers Amanda Allen and David Lopez at St. Genevieve Elementary in Los Angeles realized they had to give students more freedom to make the initiative truly worthwhile.

The Winning 1-to-1 Strategy

Mooresville, NC's four-year path to a districtwide laptop program led to across-the-board academic achievement and this year's Sylvia Charp Award.

Biology Evolves With New Digital Curriculum Tools

Education researchers are getting great results with biology learning tools that capitalize on kids’ love of technology. Through games, simulations, and hands-on exercises, students experience a visual, molecular-level representation of concepts they used to understand only in the abstract.

For Underserved Students, Districts Bring Broadband Home

Administrators in districts with large numbers of underserved students are finding ways to make sure they have the 24/7 internet access they need.

Composite of a school bus breaking ice in Antarctica. Penguins look on in bemusement.

Taking Students Where No School Bus Can Go

You don't often find a group of 75 fifth graders from a public school in Virginia interacting directly with scientists based at Palmer Station, Antarctica, but that's exactly what takes place every year at Herman L. Horn Elementary in Vinton, VA. Using Skype as a videoconferencing platform--and working together with her school's instruction technology coordinator, Holly Ireland--social studies teacher Amanda Lusk has orchestrated two of these events from the convenience of her own classroom.

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