Grants, Funding & Awards

Boston Globe Pilot Program To Provide Massachusetts Students with iPads, Digital Subscriptions

A Boston, MA, media company will launch a pilot program that will provide two school districts with iPads, projectors and digital subscriptions.

'Digital Fab Tools for Schools' Promotes Digital Fabrication Education

ShopBot Tools has launched 'Digital Fab Tools for Schools,' which offers $2,500 vouchers for schools purchasing ShopBot Desktop CNC hardware along with free 123D Design software by Autodesk.

What Race to the Top's School Leadership Evaluations Really Look Like

If you thought teacher evaluations were a challenge, welcome to the new federal requirements for evaluating principals and superintendents.

In Predicting Ed Tech's Future, SETDA Marks Safe Bets and Wildcards

Geoff gets his boss at the State Educational Technology Directors Association to speculate about what 2013 will look like for ed tech now that the Obama administration is continuing for a second term.

National Education Foundation Launches Adopt-a-School Grant Program

The National Education Foundation, in partnership with the State University of New York, has launched the Adopt-a-School Program, a grant initiative designed to bring science, technology, education, and math learning resources to disadvantaged schools.

Winners of Race to the Top Districts Put Millions into Personalized Learning

Sixteen districts out of 372 applicants that vied for funding from the Race to the Top-District program have been chosen as the recipients of four-year multi-million grants from the United States Department of Education.

4th Grade Louisiana Math Teacher Wins $15,000 Tablet Prize for School

An elementary school in Louisiana will be receiving $15,000 worth of tablets in a competition sponsored by 3M and fulfilled by Digital Wish.

North Carolina District Wins $30 Million To Provide Tablets to Middle School Students

A North Carolina school district will receive $30 million through a federal Race to the Top District grant.

Jacob Burns Film Center Receives $50,000 Grant for iPads in the Classroom

The Jacob Burns Film Center (JBFC), a nonprofit cultural arts organization in Pleasantville, NY, has received a $50,000 grant from the Verizon Foundation.

Three U.S. Schools Recognized for Instructional Innovations

Three innovative education programs in the United States were honored by Microsoft during its annual Global Forum Educator Awards held in Prague, Czechoslovakia this past weekend.