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Cover image: June/July 2011

THE Journal Digital Edition - June/July 2011

Coming Soon! High-Stakes Online Testing
Are Teachers Really Using Tech Tools?
Collaboration Moves to the Cloud

Cover image: May 2011

THE Journal Digital Edition - May 2011

360 Degrees of Reflection: New Teacher Evaluation Technologies May Find Their Best Use as Tools for Self-Evaluation
ELL Goes Mobile and Goes Home
Technology's Effect on the Brain
: The ABCs of BYOL

Cover image: March 2011

THE Journal Digital Edition - April 2011

Green is Good: sustainable charter schools; school building that LEED; data centers that save energy & money; online tools for teaching environmentalism
A Mass Notification System Helps Mitigate Bomb Threats
Telepresence Arrives in a K-12 District

Cover image: March 2011

THE Journal Digital Edition - March 2011

Return to Sender: employers are looking for young workers equipped with the skills to fill 21st century challenges. So why aren't schools producing them?
Not-So-Extreme Makeover: school libraries go digital
Energy Management Systems Smarten Up
Home-School Connection: computers that keep learning in the family

THE February 2011: Cover Shot

THE Journal Digital Edition - February 2011

Robots AT THE READY! Robotics competitions have tech-minded students charged up and gearing for battle;
Higher Ed-driven pilot projects;
Smart Money: web tools for teaching economic literacy;
Special section - Mobile Learning: 4 steps to wireless, 10 apps for education, 1 model for reform

Digital Edition cover: January 2011

THE Journal Digital Edition - January 2011

The Social Classroom: Facebook, Twitter, and the gang have arrived. Is K-12 security up to the challenge?
Online Systems for Safety Compliance;
Anti-Plagiarism Tools: prevention over punishment;
Virtual World's Apart: why Second Life users are flocking to OpenSim;
FETC 2011 Special Section: exclusive interviews, a rundown of exhibitors, new products to look for