THE Journal Magazine Cover, September 2012

THE Journal Magazine — September 2012

Cover Story – Assessment in a Digital World

How technology is changing formative and high-stakes testing.

Resolving the Formative Assessment Catch-22
Teachers often have a hard time embedding assessment in their instruction, but some technologies are making it easier.
You May Now Open Your Test Tablets...
Can you use your iPads in the high-stakes online testing coming in 2014?
Innovation Abroad, Insight at Home
A team of researchers travels the world to see what it takes to prepare students at home for their futures.
Sequestration: A Mighty Sword
Inaction by Congress and the impending sequestration could have a devastating impact on educational technology funding.
WoWing Language Arts
Schools across the country are mapping their curriculum to the fantasy RPG World of Warcraft, and students are paying attention.
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September 2012 | vol. 39 no. 7

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