Cold Fusion 800

The Cold-Fusion 800 from Sys Technology combines AMD's new seventh-generation processor with vapor phase refrigeration technology to achieve faster operating speeds. It teams up the new Athlon (K7) processor with a built-in KryoTech cooling system, boosting the processor's rating from 600MHz to 800MHz. Another key to this system's performance is the Athlon's 200MHz Alpha EV6 system bus. The Athlon also features a 128KB on-chip L1 cache and a 512KB standard L2 cache, scalable to 8MB.

In its standard configuration, the Cold Fusion 800 comes with 128MB RAM, a 9.1GB 7,200 rpm hard drive, a 19" (18" viewable) monitor, Creative Labs Live Value sound card and a 56 V.90 WinModem with voice capabilities. Sys Technology, Cypress, CA, (800) 613-9963,

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.

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