NYC iSchool Moves to Virtual Desktops

The NYC iSchool, New York's model for innovation, project-based learning, and technological skills development, has chosen ClassLink's LaunchPad as its system-wide virtual desktop solution. Using the product, students attending the iSchool and their teachers can turn any compute into their own virtual PC, accessing their project work and data, viewing their personalized desktops, and using any software, peripherals, or other tools they would use on their own home computers or laptops.

Because project-based learning entails so much more than attending class and studying, features such as interactivity and collaborative technology are integral to students' success in schools following this educational model. LaunchPad offers intra-network chat and forums, screen capture sharing, and user, calendar, and printer managers.

"LaunchPad allows us to provide our students anytime anywhere access to our technology, and their data, without the expense of a one-to-one laptop program," said Alisa Berger, co-principal of NYC iSchool, who also cited the ease of maintenance. "No longer do I need to provide maintenance to individual computers; all maintenance is done at our main server. Plus, the support we receive from ClassLink is wonderful."

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