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Razuna Launches New Version of Free Digital Asset Management Solution

Razuna, the maker of the free, open source digital asset management (DAM) solution of the same name, last week released a new version of its software, Razuna 1.5.

Razuna DAM is a software application that enables organizations to organize and centralize digital assets, such as audio, video, or graphic files, Word or Excel documents, PDFs, and other files on a secure server, and then publish them to the Web for sharing and collaboration.

For organizations that want to set up their own Razuna media management server, Razuna offers a number of options, including a standalone server build that uses Tomcat J2EE Server, a VMWare image for deployment on a virtual platform, as well as other options. A hosted edition is also available for a fee.

New features of Razuna 1.5 include:

  • A rendering farm, which distributes the rendering job to another server, such as an Amazon EC2 server or dedicated server;
  • Support for Amazon S3, Nirvanix, and Eucalyptus cloud storage solutions, with Akamai support coming soon;
  • A new application programming interface (API) for integrating Razuna into an organization's environment;
  • Enhanced search functionality;
  • Ability to customize the system, including tabs, dialog boxes, and the general look and feel of the application;
  • A new caching system, which provides improved overall performance and supports caching engines such as Memcached and MongoDB;
  • Scheduled backups of assets and data;
  • Support for importing and exporting metadata for manipulation in a spreadsheet; and
  • Integrated Janrain plugin for logging in to Razuna with social media accounts such as Facebook and Google.

Razuna has also announced plans to launch a new partner and OEM program later this month.

Razuna 1.5 is available now as a free download. Further information is available on the Razuna site.

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