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McGraw-Hill Education, Time To Know Intro Personalized Learning Platform

McGraw-Hill Education and Time To Know have partnered to launch a new learning platform -- dubbed Digital Teaching Platform 7.0 (DTP7) -- for math and reading. The system aims to personalize instruction.

The new platform features McGraw Hill content -- math for grades 4-7 and English Language Arts (ELA) for grades 4 and 5 -- as well as tools to foster engagement, including animations, widgets, and applets. The curriculum is designed to allow instructors to "cycle between whole-class discussions and exploration, individual student experimentation, and highly personalized guided practice for each student."

DTP7 includes a virtual dashboard that provides an overview of each student's progress, in real time.

The companies aim to integrate full math, science, and ELA curricula for grades 3-8 into the platform within two years, according to a company statement.

Additional information about the system is available online at McGraw Hill and Time to Know's sites.

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