Electronic Books Suit Language Instruction

The ESL/Foreign Language Series of BOOKMAN electronic books are hand-held devices that sport a unique card slot on the back, through which one adds more reference and special-interest titles. One of the firm's best-selling units, the Speaking Spanish Master Spanish-English Dictionary defines and pronounces 250,000 words in both languages. A built-in Grammar Guide conjugates all verbs, verb tenses and nouns. Students may practice for exams by playing any of seven educational games. A non-speaking model with the same features comes in desktop and pocket versions. Also part of the series are German-English and French-English Dictionaries, each containing 200,000 entries. User word lists help with spelling review and vocabulary. Speaking models pronounce words in English. Finally, the Speak English! Language Tutor specifically suits ESL instruction. This BOOKMAN unit pronounces 2,000 English words and phrases and utilizes the International Phonetic Alphabet to illustrate sounds. Students can record their speech and compare their pronunciation to the recorded voice. Franklin Learning Resources, Burlington, NJ, (800) BOOKMAN, www.franklin.com.

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.