IBM Expands RS/6000 Video Server Family

IBM has expanded its RS/6000 Video Server family of products that distribute audio and video more efficiently over broadcast media or the Internet.

First, IBM MediaStreamer Solutions provide hardware and software for organizations that need to stream audio and video content in both analog and digital output formats. Each solution comes pre-installed and pre- configured to fit into customers' current environments. A set of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) enables full control of MediaStreamer functions including play, stop, pause, seek and record.

Also new, the IBM VideoCharger Server for AIX is a client/server solution for the delivery of audio and video to Internet or intranet clients. It uses Real Time Protocol (RTP) to stream video across the network, eliminating downloading or saving files. Schools with intranets can utilize the VideoCharger to deliver live presentations or to incorporate video into their Web pages.

Financing for these products can be obtained from IBM Credit Corp. IBM Corp., Somers, NY,

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.