Book Spurs Donation Program for Schools

Wired for Learning is a new book for K-12 teachers, organized around simple technology concepts. Written by Dr. Jane Lasarenko, a Texas teacher, the book shows how to compose e-mail, create a Web page -- even how to select which newsgroup to join. Step-by-step commands and lots of screen shots guide readers in hands-on practice.

MOO environments, essentially interactive collaborative spaces, academic listservs and USENET (newsgroups) are all covered in separate chapters. A Gallery of Projects, plus education resources and a glossary are in other chapters.

And in a pilot program for teachers that use computer projects from Wired for Learning in their classroom, QUE donates technical books to the schoolís library. QUE, Macmillan Computer Publishing, Indianapolis, IN, (800) 267-3800,

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.